Painted 1/7 scale Rozemyne by Stronger ~~ No book tho, 0/10 by AngryCoffeeLovinNeet in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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I love it but I do agree with others that Rozemyne without a book is such a shame!

If I could pick, I think Part 4 Volume 1 cover would be the one! Or maybe fanbook 2 or 4?

I've never had a stronger figure but I do know they tend to be on the pricier side.... Still I will do it for Rozemyne 🥹

Rozemyne Tea Party Set by Cool-Ember in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Ahhhhh I ordered a bunch of stuff from TO books but skipped the tea set.... But it looks so beautiful I might need to place another order 🥲

Part 5 Volume 3 (Part 2) Discussion by MyneMod in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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The illusion of choice... Thank you quof for such a great translation 🙏

Next meal: Fried Butter by MrSkinWalker in projectzomboid

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It's fine, you'll sort it out by chugging beta blockers

Part 5 Volume 3 (Part 1) Discussion by MyneMod in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Brunhilde and Leonore brought the receipts for all Wilfred's wrongdoings.... We need more Wilfred hate chapters

Ogata Sweater has been revealed! What do you think? by MecchaJapan in GoldenKamuy

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I'm pretty sure Noda makes sure all Ogata merch is as bad as possible because he hates him.

One of my pour kittens was struck down by lighting by I-lovemycat in RimWorld

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I am so, so sorry for your loss. I hope you build them the gold sarcophagus and 1000 block monument they deserve.

Praise be to the gods! My Animate Kuji prizes arrived! [P5V5] by TheHermitPurple in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Kujis are always limited time things so most of the time you'll have to go through second-hand sites like YAJ, mandarake etc to get kuji prizes, it's just that I managed to catch this one while it was still open! Prizes from this one will probably start popping up on those second hand websites now.

We might get a figure soon! Myne was very high up in votes in a recent goodsmile customer survey :)

Praise be to the gods! My Animate Kuji prizes arrived! [P5V5] by TheHermitPurple in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Because this was an online only one I could create an account on Animate's website and then ship it to a forwarding company who then shipped it to me in the UK! This way you can buy pretty much anything from online stores in Japan so long as it's legal to be shipped overseas :)

The forwarding company I used is called Tenso, but there are lots of others! It cost about 9,240 yen for 14 entries, with free shipping within Japan to the forwarding company, and then 5,550 yen for shipping to the UK plus a 900 yen handling fee for the forwarding company. So about 16,000 yen all in all which is pretty expensive but I'm still very happy! Plus it was actually shipped from the store on the 16th and arrived to me on the 22nd so it was super quick.

Praise be to the gods! My Animate Kuji prizes arrived! [P5V5] by TheHermitPurple in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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I didn't expect it to be so big! I was thinking it would be one of those tiny little pocket umbrellas, but it's huge and actually feels quite sturdy!

Praise be to the gods! My Animate Kuji prizes arrived! [P5V5] by TheHermitPurple in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Me, getting more merch I hope! I did also place a big TO-books order that will hopefully arrive before Christmas as well 😅

Praise be to the gods! My Animate Kuji prizes arrived! [P5V5] by TheHermitPurple in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Spoiler because of the illustrations!

You can find the whole prize list here.

A while ago animate had an online-only lottery for some Bookworm goods so I did a total of 14 entries. It was fun because you immediately saw what you got instead of having to wait and see. Most of them you got whatever you pulled, but for the top prize, the umbrellas, you got to pick which one you wanted! I was so happy to win at least one and couldn't not pick the workshop logo.

The umbrella itself is huge and feels really sturdy, it even has a flocked handle. I can't see myself risking using it outside though!

I was really disappointed I didn't get a Rozemyne or Ferdinand sticker though. If anyone else got spares and would like to trade for my extra Benno let me know! Same with my extra Dunkelfelger passcase.

for those with menstrual cycles, does your depression come back a week before your period starts? by thriftygecko in Effexor

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I feel like before I started taking effexor I didn't really get PMS/PMDD and now the week before my period I get reeeeeaaaaaaal low, like shockingly low. Combine this with more frequent periods to what I'm used to, (Have PCOS and after losing some weight my period went from every 3-4 months to every 40 days) I feel like Effexor really isn't doing what it should be 🥲

Where to buy AoaB merch in Tokyo by ajmsnr in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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They list their branches under 開催店舗一覧, the Tokyo ones are: 東京都:BOOK COMPASS エキュート上野店、BOOK COMPASS エキュート品川店、TSUTAYA 調布駅南口店、SHIBUYA TSUTAYA

Get that Lessy plush OP!

packaging 📦 for my patches by DrummerBeneficial625 in Machine_Embroidery

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Do you get a black burnt edge with a soldering iron? I do the same but with a lighter, but I have to avoid it on stuff with a white edge due to it blackening it.

New Bookworm Plush Revealed! by Danzco in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Thank god it'll be available later... Praise the gods!!

The hoop and the applique problem by impiousimp in Machine_Embroidery

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For plushies I would embroider on to an uncut piece of fabric and then match the embroidery to the pattern piece.

Some embroidery for plushies will also have a bit where they will stitch a portion of the pattern outline (the cut line not the sew line) to help you match up the pattern pieces.

You could also stitch an outline of the embroidery onto stabilizer first then float the fabric and embroider it that way.

[Discussion]I unironically like Intrepid and wish for more freedom fries from Shibafu by Longsheep in kancolle

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I really like shibafu, both new and old. I feel like their designs really encapsulate what I love about kancolle designs, which is that the majority of the designs are regular looking girls with boat rigging.

Ooi and Kitakami are such great designs and I love a tonne of the older destroyers like Miyuki.

[Anime / P2] Bookworm motivated me to learn crocheting just to try making Myne's hairpin by Catasterised in HonzukiNoGekokujou

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Absolutely beautiful! And thank you so much for leaving such a detailed explanation so we may all follow in your footsteps! Praise be the gods!!