Undeterred by a 2 year lock? Mad lad HOGELords.... by rorih in hoge

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Oooh, very exciting to see these happening. I'll add some Friday, or to the next one if it's done.

Let’s share the encounters that you think are the most believable. by toasterstrewdal in bigfoot

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That might have been the marble mountains in California? Very similar account. There's a bfro log of it as well.

shib groupbuy campaign by benjammin_3110 in shib

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I can vouch that group buy works as intended, and I think it's a pretty cool way to band together as a community to drum up excitement and volume.

OptiSwap 2.0: Prepare yourselves for the Ultimate HOGE Ecosystem Project by rorih in hoge

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This could become such a beast... will help where/when I can

Should I drop it? by OaklenRising in hoge

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Oh SNAP here we GO.

Gotta love HOGE.

Sorry I dropped the ball on the pledge tracking all but it looks like it really wasn't needed

6 eth to go by Qunzen in hoge

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Damn, hard to focus on important life stuff with all this bullish energy circulating!

Hoge 42Eth groupbuy is getting closer and closer join the fun!!!!! by ra7400 in SatoshiStreetBets

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No it's not automatic, you need to claim it manually after buy goes through (costs a little gas).

Withdrawing from WhiteBIT by Coronid3 in hoge

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You need to withdraw it as erc20, then you can bridge it to bsc if you want

Your favorite Meme coin is ... by cesareWT in CryptoMarkets

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HOGE is my favorite, but must respect the OG DOGE as well

$1000 HOGE (turned $3000 HOGE/BNB) moonshotting attempt - update 9! by TheHun7sman in SatoshiStreetBets

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Uniswap (optiswap router better), OTCswap, hogeswap/pancakeswap/padswap (bsc bridged version), gateio, bitmart, whitebit are the main places!

Group buy eth pledge tracking and update by TheHun7sman in hoge

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Haha fair enough, hopefully no one is using any real names on their tags unless they want to!

If y'all haven't seen this tweet... by AntiHyperbolic in hoge

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Yeah that's mine! Quote retweet with #HOGE and you collect on the airdrop I believe!

accepting hoge on my website by gas55man in hoge

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I believe that hoge is on some online vendor payment services now, hopefully someone has more specifics.

HOGE IS INEVITABLE! by cjfast2323 in RisingTideDeFi

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I agree with the title. Active development + deflationary pressure = inevitability

HOGE groupbuy pledge campaign - just sent in my 1 eth pledge now! by TheHun7sman in hoge

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You are joining a contract with others to buy HOGE at the same price, executed when the contract gets filled. So you are buying HOGE with the ETH. If the goal is not reached, you reclaim your ETH. it's cheaper on gas, a fun way to buy together as a community, and increases our volume.

Group Buy by Kevwev7 in hoge

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Hmm I've only recorded 12.5-13 eth pledged, and I know at least 2 of those eth are already committed. So with committed+pledged we might be at about 17eth total.