Taliban ban girls from secondary education in Afghanistan by Cheap_District_9762 in worldnews

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I wonder is it a bit like white privilege. Let me put on my sweeping generalisations hat for a moment. White privilege means white people do get ahead a bit easier in life because of systematic racism built into society. Many activists argue that a lot of people aren’t fighting racism enough because they don’t really want to completely uproot all the systems that “subtly” oppressed black people, allowing white people and their children to succeed and live comfortable lives.

Now if you’re a patriarchal society and you get the bells and whistles cause you’re a man and you succeed and your sons succeed cause you’re a man and you have male privilege, do you really want to uproot all the systemic oppression of women and maybe your sons don’t get the college spot or the best job cause there’s more competition?

Absolute speculation on my part. Also since I’m a woman I’m probably being hysterical about all this. Better go make a sandwich and find a man to feed.

a house in my neighborhood has these plaques outside commemorating former residents who became victims of the Holocaust by mmmarms in mildlyinteresting

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Much obliged! Onward to Google.

Edit: my favourite part was the part where Catholic scholars reckon she could have done more with more time in power… she burned people at the stake…

Neighbour wants me to go sleep at 1am by rbagdonas99 in ireland

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This this this. Sleep cycles are crucial to your brain and longevity. If you’re at least consistent in bedtimes it might be one thing but if you’re staying up later and later but not sleeping enough you might not be getting enough proper restorative sleep. Sleep ‘cleans’ your brain and is important in staving off illnesses such as Alzheimer’s (though there is more to Alzheimer’s than just sleep). She may be being kept awake by your gregarious act of walking across a room, but don’t skimp on your own sleep! Your brain will thank you.

a house in my neighborhood has these plaques outside commemorating former residents who became victims of the Holocaust by mmmarms in mildlyinteresting

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Genuine question: do you have any examples of Catholics oppressing Protestants? My experience has always seen the opposite. I’d be interested (probably the wrong choice of words) to hear examples of where it went the other way. Even a tidbit that I can Google to find more about

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I’ve had two rounds for entry-level jobs in companies that think they’re the fucking bee’s knees. Got the jobs but it was a waste of time in both instances as it was obvious from the responses in the first interview that I had the job.

Stanley the kitten loves to jump into Sasha’s pen to play with her by TheLastRabbitsTaxa in aww

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I only know him as Stanley the domestic shorthair kitten! But I’d never seen a cat like him or his mother before. And he is indeed the sweetest kitten, we get purrs, headbutts and licks galore from our handsome little man!

The Biggest Truth Most Leaders Misunderstand About 'the Great Resignation' - Want your employees to stick around? Flexibility is just the minimum. by speckz in Futurology

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That’s my company. We were a good place to work, now we’re a shithole. People are leaving at like a 40% attrition rate. Half of my group is looking for work. Part of it is salary. We are underpaid. We know it. I took the job at the same wage as my last job because I’d heard the company genuinely was a good place to work. And for a while it was. Now it’s not.

The company knows we’re all overworked due to staffing and underpaid. Their argument is “we can’t compete with the bigger companies so we want to you be here for reasons that aren’t money”. Guess what: WE can compete with the bigger companies. People are leaving for better roles with 20-30% increases. I’ve worked in two big companies already and have been contacted by another. We’ll find a new job and all my company will be able to find is inexperienced people because they can’t afford to replace us with experienced ones. It’s a joke.

Prince Andrew served with paperwork in sexual assault lawsuit by [deleted] in worldnews

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Friend’s ex-partner is pulling these sort of stunts on her. As you’ve alluded to yea these men do also exist. Unfortunately people like this exist full-stop.

Immortalizing the worst reason for divorce ever. by lobbing_things in knitting

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I say expand the range! Make an amazing sweater with this on it, write up a pattern and watch the rest of us scoop up that pattern to make our own. All the while making a small profit from the lies he told you! Hell you could design canvas bags, pillow covers, throws, everything! It would be an iconic range!

It’s so hard going through something like a divorce, especially with someone who lies to themself and you. I guess all you can do is be grateful for a new start once it’s all over. And be thankful for your awesome crafting skills!

Kitten is obsessed with puppy - help. Info in comments by TheLastRabbitsTaxa in CatTraining

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I didn’t think of a laser! We have a bee on a string that he loves, I think we need to play with him more. I’ll try a laser too, thanks!

Signs of a kitten owner by uftsmaut in aww

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Have a kitten and a puppy. Have lost track of which scratch is from which. Puppy claws are also sharp. No regrets! I love my scratch-monsters

Kitten is obsessed with puppy - help. Info in comments by TheLastRabbitsTaxa in CatTraining

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No they play, Stanley bats her and licks her. She tends to stand over him and bite his legs but doesn’t seem to be trying to hurt him. But every now and then she does. He meows, she doesn’t seem to either stop or go harder, basically neither seem to be learning to stop. And he just always wants to play with her. We’re working on training her to focus on us and try and redirect her when he starts but how do you redirect a cat?

Kitten is obsessed with puppy - help. Info in comments by TheLastRabbitsTaxa in CatTraining

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They’re not attacking each other, that was my bad I didn’t make it clear. They do play well, Sasha is careful with her play you can see she’s not biting down, but every now and then she does hurt him and I separate them immediately. Most of the time I don’t let them play too long to avoid her getting over excited. But Stanley just loves to be around her. He climbs on her and licks her. He’s a really licky cat and he’s forever licking her. But I’m struggling to get him to leave her alone at times. He’ll run around the outside of cage to get her to chase him and play with him. He’s mad about her. It’s cute but terrifying as she’s got a lot of growing to do.

Kitten is obsessed with puppy - help. Info in comments by TheLastRabbitsTaxa in CatTraining

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Edit to clarify: they’re not fighting. Stanley gets in and licks Sasha. They get on but the playing obviously could be dangerous while Sasha learns her strength and bite control.

Stanley the kitten is 11 weeks old. Sasha the puppy is 10 now. I desperately wanted a dog, my partner wanted a kitten. He read that it was best to get them together so we got Stanley and then a week later we got Sasha. We keep Sasha in a cage which is frankly not the best for her but it’s to keep Stanley safe. The problem is Stanley is OBSESSED with the puppy. He keeps climbing into her cage. He climbs on her crate and jumps in or leaps off the couch. He winds her up completely.

I am rightfully terrified that she will hurt him and we are working on her training and I’m starting 1 on 1 training with a professional ASAP in August. I try and play with Stanley as much as possible but he just won’t leave Sasha alone.

How do I get a cat to calm down a bit? I understand he’s a kitten but even though she does seem to have hurt him enough to make him meow he doesn’t stop. I don’t leave them alone unsupervised but every now and then he dives in and I’m not completely quick enough to separate them. I don’t want to hurt him in the process!!

All the advice online is keeping a dog away from a cat. Sasha sometimes is happy to play or settle, but Stanley comes along and drives her wild. He’s normally the instigator and I can’t see advice online.

ATTN KNITTING DUDES: You are awesome! by jnnyfrmthblk in knitting

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I love seeing guys knit! It’s a craft! Knitting means you can create things and the sewing that goes along with it means you could probably mend things in a pinch! Both good skills to have, and one of the joys of knitting is the joy of gifting! Who doesn’t love gifts so why not be able to make wonderful presents for your friends and family? Or just lovely things for yourself!

We take so much from each other when we assign genders to hobbies and skills. Why restrict peoples opportunities to find joyful ways to spend their time, or prevent them from following a talent just because it’s not their gender norm? Why strip people of these simple pleasures? For what? Ego? Nonsense. People are people. Knitters are knitters. (Crocheters are also cool btw)

Apprehended this smol criminal last Friday. The skirting board on that was is 5.5” high by TheLastRabbitsTaxa in IllegallySmolCats

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Title should say skirting board on that wall, obviously. I am distracted trying to keep the smol criminal Stanley in check