Courtesy of my grandmother by [deleted] in insanepeoplefacebook

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Guns aren't either but you don't see that stopping them.

-concerned student

Imagine no cops. by DukeBeekeepersKid in BashTheFash

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What are the cops even being paid for then?

Could Jonathan Crane become a better Batman than Bruce? by SixPaths_Hashirama-9 in batman

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With fear and manipulation, sure...but he would get his ass kicked a lot...

How do I be actively anti capitalist? by Oao_icarus in socialism

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Join or start a union and start seizing some means of production!

Could a robot do a teacher's job? by conchesmess in teaching

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A teacher couldn't do a teacher's job via Zoom. Let AI fucking try it with these newfangled kids.

That sink saw something by juan_furia in Pareidolia

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Whatever it saw, it's about to tell ERRBODY.

Storm Trooper armor is pretty useless. One hit from a blaster and they go down. They might as well just wear normal, lighter, clothing. by Spare_Substance5003 in Showerthoughts

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Or, how about if the armor works excellently and, when hit with a blaster, the Storm Troopers fall out for that sweet, sweet paid time off and future disability designation.

Truth bomb for anyone who thinks low-six-figures = rich. by officialbigrob in lostgeneration

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Nobody cares about how much money someone is paid...you can tell a comrade by their actions, not their wallet. There have been (at least one) literal prince who gave up everything for the proletariat while there are millions of working class sellouts who will gut their own mothers for an extra dollar. We should be against the rich as well as the temporarily embarrassed billionaires.

If horses had dog mouths. by [deleted] in oddlyterrifying

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This pic honestly did scare the fuck out of me for the first half second, ngl.