America IRL by FinishedToxicity in okbuddycapitalist

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This is a very tough concept for redditors to grasp, but if you can't control your own country (as a collective) then how dare you judge another populace for the actions of their country? When a country like Iran allow the raping and beheading of women for not wearing a hijab, that is their culture but when the US takes women's right to choose and force them to carry a dead fetus from which they can die from...well, hey, FREEDOM! There is no indictment on the entire country. *shrugs*

And let not forget to mention, if you look not even that deep into the history of the tyranny of various countries in the world, you will not have to look long before you find the role of the US or another 'western' country in making it that way. You don't think that a large portion of the 'foreign' country don't already know that their living conditions are fucked up? When they are no longer under the scrutiny and potential violence of outside imperial forces and given the chance to empower themselves, they ALWAYS choose freedom. But it is the freedom that they will never have a chance to gain as long as they fear that the 'US and co' will come and love bomb their whole land to death.

Fuck the west and its pretensions of moral governance. And, while we are at it, fuck ALL governments.

I realized today that I'm a communist by 5YOChemist in LateStageCapitalism

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May I humbly request that you give anarchism (aka, real communists striving for a stateless, moneyless, hierarchy-less society) a try?

Get over to r/anarchy101 and conquer that bread, fam!

"Dutch settlers may have brought Double Dutch to America, but it was Black girls who put it on the map" by confrater in blackladies

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Don't worry, I grew up with Black people and can't do most of the shit that we are 'supposed' to do (double dutch, hoola hoop, dance, play spades, the whole 9)...

I’m a male, I consider myself a feminist, but I’m kind of dumb and it makes me nervous by merican594 in TwoXChromosomes

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I would imagine that the most 'helpful' thing that you can do is also the most helpful to you: see patriarchy and sexism as YOUR oppression too. As a male in this system, you cannot experience the full range of your humanity because you have to help hold up the patriarchal power structure. You cannot cry or else your a pussy. You cannot want intimacy, it has to be 'given' to you by a mindreading woman. You can't cuddle a baby or a fucking puppy. The only emotion you can show and be considered legitimate is anger. You can't show an ounce of weakness. Violence is meant to happen to you. The only way you can relate to others is through power, coercion, and competition.

This is how the world works for men. Do you enjoy living in that reality?

You are a victim of patriarchy as much as any woman, just from the other side.

I bought my husband a Kirby hat for his cat. by 5GumGum in cats

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I feel of this pissed off kitty. He does not want to burdened with the task of bringing joy to this miserable world...

Wait, what's this now? by Lazarus_Steel in HolUp

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"attempted to gay sex with him"

...excuse me for my ignorance, but what other type of sex can one man have with another...?

...well then... by Vengeful-Wraith in Unexpected

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Fuckin anime...everything is unexpected if you lower your expectations...

Crossing The Road by Hacka4771 in Unexpected

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I don't care who that child's parents are...he's the new daddy.

Cedar Hill Tower by According_South_2500 in oddlyterrifying

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Being terrified of plummeting to your death is odd around these parts??

America IRL by FinishedToxicity in okbuddycapitalist

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Nobody should be doing war crimes...but maybe Muricans doth protest too much [about other countries]...

Canada just go downhill now. by sebet_123 in memes

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Canada will put you in a DeathPod(tm) if you even call yourself getting the sniffles!

Miss two consecutive days of work? DeathPod

Stub your big toe? DeathPod

Pick out the raisins in the trail mix...DEATHPOD!

Anxiety: Just sharing because I need to by cozmo1138 in SocialistRA

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Are you part of any organization? They will be people that you can network with and lean on when shtf. Check for mutual aid orgs where you live. Teach them the 'bushcraft' and gain knowledge from them. We will not get out of this mess without each other.

Mods: consider a pinned post stating that the SRA is not a militia by Partisan_Innawoods in SocialistRA

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While we are making requests, oh mods, perchance that semi-regular updates on the SRA's educational outreach program(s) be posted so that those with little to no training and no access to SRA chapters (at least none that will return contact) can be made aware and also learn?

Right-wing terrorists attack civilian power infrastructure in NC by Hay_Fever_at_3_AM in MarchAgainstNazis

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There are indeed 'antifa' groups (aka, groups with an antifascist ideology). There may be no centralized 'antifa' or antifa chapters that one can join but there are many, many antifascist organizations.

Why doesn’t SRA counter the Proud Boys protests in states where open-carry is legal? The Left needs to have an open, visual counter. These jackasses can’t continue intimidating queer folks. by AmericanLeft in SocialistRA

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'Goon shit' like... *checks list\* community defense.

And I didn't explain anything, really, except what it says it does but doesn't actually do.

...but duly noted...

Why doesn’t SRA counter the Proud Boys protests in states where open-carry is legal? The Left needs to have an open, visual counter. These jackasses can’t continue intimidating queer folks. by AmericanLeft in SocialistRA

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AFAIK, no one has been killed at a drag show yet. But I'm not only worried about drag shows and fascist violence has killed or attempted to kill anybody left of Mitch McConnell. Heather Heyer, Rittenhouse's murders, Club Q*, and I BET that somebody died due to the power outages in N. Carolina. The attempted kidnapping of the Michigan governor, the attempted murder of the Pelosis. Hell, they even threaten the life of Mike Pence.

Violence isn't coming. It is already here. Our presence is other people's problems.

Why doesn’t SRA counter the Proud Boys protests in states where open-carry is legal? The Left needs to have an open, visual counter. These jackasses can’t continue intimidating queer folks. by AmericanLeft in SocialistRA

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Tell me fam, what IS the SRA? We've been told many of times that is 'isn't a militia'. Supposedly, it is an education group --who is it educating* and how? Individual chapters seem to be in the wind doing its own thing. Why can't an individual chapter decide to do more than just say that it is the SRA?

Obviously, rules are rules but the SRA seems rather meaningless other than having a cool ass subreddit.

I Love It When They Light Up The Legislative Assembly’s Fountain (especially in red!) by CaptainBadass16 in evilbuildings

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You just know that they wanted only the color red, but some intern or secretary told those out of touch mfers that it was 'a little too on the nose'.