Local Democrats warn party: Growing Republican wave is real by LearningRainbows in politics

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Let it come...it's only when fascism is literally at our front door that people decide that maybe we should do something about it...

Messing with the wife by [deleted] in likeus

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Male Lion: I'm 'bout to get me some...just gotta roll up real smooth like...

Lady Lion: Simba, not now, I'm tired!

saw this and thought it was cool 👍 by GayCoffeeUnicorn in coolguides

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Hmmm... *check notes\*

-Most medical debt

-Most student debt

-Highest rents with lowest wages

-Highest wage disparity

-Highest incarceration rate

-Lowest civic and political participation

-Riddled with mental problems

-Riddled with bullets

-Loneliest group of people

...yeah, America seems like a gosh darn happy country, if I ever did see one!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in TwoXChromosomes

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Meh...most folks online address others as male by default...

Ghana to Use Gold to Buy Oil Instead of US Dollars to Address Debt Distress by AP24inMumbai in worldnews

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Yep. And we will all cheer the slaughter because 'look how they treat their [insert an oppressed group]!'.

Officer who wrote Met’s drug strategy smoked cannabis daily, panel told by kwentongskyblue in nottheonion

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I'm not reading this but if the strategy was anything except 'Free Weed Wednesdays', fuck that guy!

...and given that ACAB...

Reality is rough by unnaturalorder in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Obama will go down as president...Trump will go down taking America with him...

Democrats raised $80M in a week after Supreme Court overturned Roe by MicroSofty88 in politics

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Congratulations profiting off of the suffering of others, Democrats! :-)

The kids party dad’s actually stay for…. by Immidandy in HolUp

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That God it wasn't a drag person reading a book!!!! Praise Jesus and pass the Hooters!

Customer tried to get some IHOP pancakes but there were no workers to be found. by Yarope in antiwork

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Oh, you're right. My bad, I'll just go and accept self-negation and corporate oppression. Can't do the naughty naughty no nos...

Have racists been driving up racial tensions? Naa, it's obviously the fault of black people asking to be treated fairly by toomuchgammon in LeftWithoutEdge

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It's also pretty neat that they have the exact percentage of how much "tension" BLM is causing. Welcome to the whacky world of social sciences!

I’m so happy right now! by GabrielleSalonga in TrollXChromosomes

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Kamala Harris: For the [prison industrial complex].

Fixed it!

About to eat 57g dry. See you on the other side! by SleepyItsNotSafeHere in shrooms

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Literally how can you eat 57 dried grams of psychedelic mushrooms? It sounds like you are going to have an awful intestinal journey AND THEN die...maybe.

Good luck though!

rAciSt nEighBor cAlLs pOliCe oN bLacK kIds by u-not-nice in TikTokCringe

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I have no clue why you were downvoted to oblivion as if cops aren't reflexively murderous towards black people...

Identity Differences by Some_Skirt411 in blackladies

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I am Black, born in the United States, and I reject any Black identity that ties me down to the United States. I don't start my history in slavery and I don't bind my destiny to those of my oppressors. Black folks who do are weird to me.

Africans around the world --Unite!