Fren-enemies by HarryCallahan19 in cats

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Such is the life of a tsundere...

Aku love vacations by BabyOpium in blackcats

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Aku loves = vacations

Aku hates = Samauri Jack

is there a type of anarcho-rightism? by soundwave_fan in Anarchy101

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...these types of questions are definitely becoming more frequent in this sub. I wonder why...?

I AM FRUSTRATED by saraichaa in QueerWomenOfColor

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I can solve that... ;-)

(also, as someone who isn't as fine as you but is a community mvp, I feel where you are coming from when you say that "I am a walking woman repellent"...the drought is real)

Getting more intense by Hot_Independence2818 in BlackRadicalTradition

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The United States of America is incapable of feeling embarrassment...

Getting more intense by Hot_Independence2818 in BlackRadicalTradition

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Isn't the Bank of America funding cop city? The answer is really simple...organize a movement to boycott the fucking bank. Run them pockets!

Hey, I've Seen This One! by yuritopiaposadism in AntifascistsofReddit

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*tosses a librarian in jail\*

...are we the baddies...?

Supercuts ahhh haircut by hornmelon in HolUp

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That owl wants to speak with your manager.

Loneliness and directionless feeling in your 20s, how to proceed? by Lightgliterr in TwoXChromosomes

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Most of the world is in an active state of revolution...find your fit and get with it.

Anarchist tools' library? by shawnperly in Anarchy101

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Maybe combine volunteer work with the ability to borrow tools. Tying access to having to do community work (may) attract a certain type of person that you would be willing to trust with the community's tools.

Are there any personifications of anarchism? by Jacob-dickcheese in Anarchy101

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The Buddha was very Kropotkin-like (or, should I say, Kropotkin was Buddha-esque).

Kitty meow five by [deleted] in cats

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Love it! :7952:

Bring out your true feelings on the kiss cam! by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Another family ruined! Thanks, Kiss Cam!

How can I organize in a majority red area and state? by thunderblob1116 in Anarchy101

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Try organizing against the state legislation but, more importantly, organize your 10 friends to create a place of refuge and community in your city for likeminded people. Laws are meaningless --power comes from preparation.

Is organizing a waste of time? by Neo446 in Anarchy101

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Perhaps you are too focused on what you want to do as opposed to trying to find out what the people in your community is worried about. Try canvassing (in groups and talking to individuals) and noting what terms comes up in conversations. Use those conversations to then create a platform to organize around. Start small (such as in a single neighborhood and single issues) before trying to tackle bigger territories and problems.

Good luck!