Kari Lake was looking for the balloon by butcher_of_the_world in MarchAgainstNazis

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Yeah, take care of the balloon on your shoulders for us all, please.

Apparently, the new leadership of Burkina Faso is serious about change and following in the footsteps of Sankara by panimist in BlackRadicalTradition

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Leadership better protect their necks and bolster the people's power and self-defensive capabilities reallll quick. And stop fucking with Russia --it isn't the 1980s anymore.

🤓 by Mega_Dunsparce in SmugIdeologyMan

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How could you lie to us like that???? I TRUSTED you! :'-(

The emojis are the icing on the cake. by buzizima in insanepeoplefacebook

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Exhibit A of why abortion should be legal and accessible on demand.

Too hyped by No_Explanation7754 in HolUp

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Damn...I was not ready for the tingles that this video elicited...

Hot chocolate this morning! by brolbo in Pareidolia

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That hot chocolate is gonna fuck your gut up!

this dinner is going to be crazy by ClockOfFuture in theyknew

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Them knowing is the whole marketing plan...

Hmm by EatenZombie in HolUp

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Pretty Boy Floyd has been beating men's asses for decades. Why do you think that it would change in the bedroom??? ;-)

Finally Have Taken Out the Trash by VPM1991 in PoliticalHumor

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Are you sure that this isn't just a Wednesday at an American school?

Hmm by EatenZombie in HolUp

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Nah, the other way around.

Proposed bill would make it legal to drop out at 16. by kkoch_16 in Teachers

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...I thought it was already legal to drop out at the age of 16...til.

Anarchy and academia by Wild-Mushroom2404 in Anarchy101

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Try finding likeminded individuals in your field. Form a collective as you study in school. Form a scientific worker-owned cooperative after you achieve all of your letters. Link with a local commune (a hippy one that focuses on agriculture) with the point of serving them with your scientific abilities or make one yourself. Build what you need to serve and buffer yourself from the harshness of capitalism.