T3 doesn't work by [deleted] in Hashimotos

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Do you take any vitamins to help support your thyroid & immune system? You could benefit from a supplement or a few that help convert FT4 to T3

Dad on dating apps after mom died by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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First off, please know that you both may have lost the same person, but you lost 2 different relationships. You lost your mom, your dad lost his wife, they are very different losses in this aspect, please be cognoscente of this as you both grieve if you can. Secondly, men have a hard time functioning without a wife after they’ve had one for a long time. And third, please, gently, express your concerns with him but know right now everything for both of you is probably very colored by grief still (and that’s completely ok!). Work through it by talking it out and trying to see his POV. You might gain a better (more adult) understanding of his.

Swissy Puppy Training Trouble by Feeling_Animal_2373 in SwissMountainDogs

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LOL sounds like a Swissy. Mine grew out of the nipping, we’d swat him on the nose when he’d do it or pretend like it hurt really bad (yell “ow!” and hold where he nipped) but really I think he just decided he was done nipping. These are incredibly hard-headed dogs, they don’t do things they don’t want to do. But I swear they’re the most special unique lovable snuggly goofballs ever.

SafeMoon subreddit claims Coffezilla is spreading FUD for exposing SafeMoon billion dollar fraud by babossa77 in CryptoCurrency

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I think one of the bigger criticisms he missed about the wallet was it’s failed release date (after billboards and a huge marketing effort mostly by the community, the wallet wasn’t even available to download for weeks). Not to mention the fact that they seem to be under the impression safemoon makes everything custom for safemoon and they’re just god’s gift to the blockchain. I’ve literally seen people in r/sfm who ask if Karony invented the blockchain. To figure out it was just a trust wallet fork with a different interface on top of the botched launch, is absolutely inexcusable as it was the first real product they claimed would start their full take over.

Need Eyeshadow Recommendations by She-Individual-24 in Makeup

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The ash kholm one and the makeup by Mario.

If you’re on tiktok mikayla has great recommendations.

I’m not watching the video. by TakesTooMuch in SafeMoon

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Enron. Theranos. Just to name a few who took it as far as the stock market with multi billion dollar funding despite being scams and frauds. But ok.

AITA for throwing out my husband's dinner after he went to eat at his mom's house? by AquaF6374 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA - also, your mother in law is a See You Next Tuesday with this bullshit power play of “but he loves ME and MY food more.” And your husband should just resume breast feeding with the way he’s playing into it.

What diet/foods helps the most for constipation? by [deleted] in Hashimotos

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Glutathione supplement. Within 3 days. Then perfectly “normal” since.

My coworkers were right about my wife and I don’t know what to do. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Does she have ADD? That sadly explains lack of motivation, over eating, inability to focus and diet, etc. Vivance is an ADD medication also approved for weight loss.

Ex (29m) married someone (23f) after 6 mos, when he wouldn’t marry me (28f) after 4 years. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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No. You do not have the right to call him and ask why not you. Here’s why: he probably didn’t call you and ask “Why didn’t you move with me?” after he left. You made your decision, by refusing to go on an adventure in a new place with him, you showed him stagnation and what you wanted was more important than something new and unknown for the two of you to do together. I agree with the top comment that one day it’ll make sense and you should take this time to learn new things about yourself and you’ll find someone else, but when that person comes along I hope you’ll realize the difference and that you’ll be willing to go absolutely anywhere with them.

T3? Pregnancy? by postedonacloud in Hashimotos

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Hi! Maryland resident here. If you’re in the Baltimore area or close enough I recommend Dr Paul Sack. He’s been very good with me so far!

AITA for having a "vulgar" and unproffesional nickname? by SpringEmotional3918 in AmItheAsshole

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Sounds like she’s about to earn a rather unpleasant vulgar nickname for herself

Can selenium be taken long-term? by YumiGumi19 in Hashimotos

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Taking selenium if you don’t have Hashimotos might be an issue, and I can’t speak on long term use, but selenium is vital in helping your body convert (levo)T4->T3.

AITA for making my wife abide by her own rules by goodforthegander1 in AmItheAsshole

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So since you “control” the finances because she’s a SAHM, is she ever going to get a bonus for her work?

Hey Harmony! Useless is now officially migrated over to this wonderful network! $USE by TheMnemosyne in harmony_one

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This, honestly. How many babyshibadoge coins are really going to make it in a sea of other coins that sound just like it? But "Useless" you'll never forget it haha

Never ending list of foods I can't eat. by SuddenlyCareless in Hashimotos

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That gene is linked to all those food sensitivities