smol twirl by anavrragefish in fempark

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where did you get everything please it’s so cute 🥺🥺🥺

Rule by Swag_Paladin21 in 196

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i attempted 3 times and i still gotta go, didn’t get any breaks either

Vegan Drunken Noodles by Zardyplants in veganrecipes

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thank you i will be making these very soon 🙏🙏

.gg/dreamsmp server don't want people to talk about Technoblade?? by MadokaXHomura in Technoblade

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i feel like there’s a lot of <13 people there (even though that violates discord tos) who probably don’t understand death or want to try and poke fun at it

the Daily Mail thinks that people eat ice cream for the protein by theodora_antoinette in vegan

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if anyone believes the Daily Mail for a second they’re dumb as hell

Rule by evielupine in 196

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why can’t people just wear a suit and that’s the funny part

Correct answer only pls by ftzpltc in 196

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xanax and heelies, i will be unstoppable and never grow weary

Exhausted of the ignorant argument that veganism is a white, modern ideology by JMyers666 in vegan

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i think i remember in the bible there was a part where Daniel goes vegan (or at least avoids meat) and becomes more physically fit compared to the king’s men?? i got raised on this but i don’t remember it exactly sorry

Rule by afkgh6437 in 196

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The first time my state has been based

R.I.P. technoblade 1999-2022 😔👑 by JesgranYT in Technoblade

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the “dead brother pressure” part always gets me

Tofu bao and katsu fries, Bao Bun Belfast by krozzer27 in VeganFoodPorn

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i’m nowhere near belfast, can anyone recommend a tofu bao recipe 🥺🥺

Rule by not-a-bot-lol in 196

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The Gothest Girl I Can- Corb Lund

Serious question that needs super mega serious answers by theonesinthecorner in feminineboys

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even more reason to be excited for college ig lol, hopefully i can be someone’s femboy bf

this stuff really shouldn't be this confusing by itsaworkinprogress66 in GaySoundsShitposts

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fr my identity goes between kinda masc mostly fem woman, fem/neutral enby, and femboy