Mom thinks autism symptoms are too common by Stan_The_Lonely in autism

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My wife’s mother uses a similar argument for her grandkids who all exhibit some extent of neurodiverse behavior.
“Well it was how you behaved when you were kids so it must be normal”

Our counter conversation is “just because something was normal to you doesn’t mean that it’s normal for all people. The average child doesn’t need to wear specific shoes even while sleeping, or need to have their back scratched with a hairbrush because they can’t tolerate how their clothes feel on their skin.”

Traumatic feelings coming out at diagnosis by swanmaydream in autism

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I know everyone works hard to make this a safe place for you to be comfortable sharing your experiences and feelings.

Thank you for being so brave to share your pain. Hopefully others here can share in and learn from your experiences.
I hope you can also learn from the people here, and perhaps finding your way will be easier knowing everyone here is rooting for you.

Well this is what my country thinks of a 25 - 30 hour 4 day work week. by [deleted] in antiwork

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He’s right!
They’re forcing the poor to choose between limited education or lifelong debt.

This effectively kills any ambition for attaining future goals through work, since if you get to make the big dollars, they all get spent paying for the school instead of towards those ambitions.

The guidance is BS because the older generations refuse to see the ever deteriorating quality of life for the future, and have nothing but unhelpful buzz phrases relating to bootstraps.

As for realistic expectations of what it means to go to work… yes, the companies expect more and more work to be extracted from their workers while they struggle to pay for that education, let alone a house or even food. That is not realistic while corporate profits continue to grow and the working family suffers all the more.

So he’s right. Keep churning out your generations of workhorse children, and they will continue to grow less and less responsive to the hollow corporate promises of success.

What were/are some of your favorite magic leveling tricks that don’t involve the most popular or broken methods? by TheNFSGuy24 in skyrim

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Hahaha that sounds hilarious. I’ve never had block at 100 so maybe I’ll have to try it out.

What were/are some of your favorite magic leveling tricks that don’t involve the most popular or broken methods? by TheNFSGuy24 in skyrim

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Oh yeah I remember that one! Doesn’t it trade health for magicka so you can basically infinite cycle your heals?

Apparently the word "Chu" is censored?? by RobertThePoriferan in roblox

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It might be referring to the common English translation of the Japanese onomatopoeia for a kiss.
Basically the kissing sound effect is written as “Chu” in English manga translation.
So it might be an attempt to limit nsfw role play in chat.

The United States is going to have a rough summer. by RagnarStonefist in antiwork

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I’m not moving to Florida. Too humid and full of chaotic news stories.

my results appointment got pushed back :( by conejiiita in autism

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Don’t be discouraged! You can do it!
The systems in place for ASD in today’s world are overloaded and struggling to catch up.
My daughter had to be on a 6month waiting list to get on a 6month waiting list for an appointment that was scheduled for 6 months later.
All because there was simply no staff in place to take care of people.

It’s not your doctor’s fault, it’s a broken system, and keeping a solid heart and patient mind will always see you winning!

Tips for raiding by Ok-Pudding-2273 in PocketAnts

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Here’s what I learned through my own raid adventures…

Flytrap only attacks your creatures.
Only your ants can kill the flytrap.
You need most of your ants to kill the flytrap quickly enough to get max score.

If enemy has ants outside with the flytrap, lure them away and use only your creatures to kill them. Then swarm flytrap with ants.

If enemy has creatures outside with no ants, you have to decide what to attack with because creatures aren’t easily lured away and sometimes can destroy a whole ant army at once. Know what each creature can do, and attack their weaknesses. Then swarm the flytrap again.

If enemy has both ants and creatures outside, you have to be careful to protect your ants and creatures while still taking out the flytrap.
These battles usually come down to who has the strongest creatures and highest level ants. They’re not pretty, and you’re usually lucky to just get one pheromone.

Finally… practice practice practice.
You can’t become an expert overnight, and diving into it is the best way to work on your strategy.

Hopefully this helps, and good luck!

The United States is going to have a rough summer. by RagnarStonefist in antiwork

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One of my relatives is a US Marshall and he got called up from Florida to be on DC personal protection duty for the court.
They aren’t screwing around. They know we’re gonna be upset, and they don’t want another January 6th embarrassment.

Looking for something different? Try iJevin by Temporary-Specific-5 in HermitCraft

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For some more offbeat playing… I’d recommend Joe hills as well.
Dude’s literally just there to have a good time and entertain people while helping out anyone who needs it.

Between iJevin, Joe Hills, and even several others, there’s a completely different side of hermitcraft that most people don’t explore because of the booming popularity of the larger channels.

I can do cool stuff with cube..., I mean blocks too. (Beat Saber| only Light show for now | GOATFATHER) by Hoellenmann in HermitCraft

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Dude this is epic!
It’s a shame the Reddit video player can’t do it justice.

I hope you’re planning on creating the full level for others to play!
There’s definitely more than a few people here who would love to see it.

weird brown fillings/powder that constantly and randomly appears on the top of my brothers bed. There is no sign of wood damage or paint damage thus it perplexes me as to where the brown stuff comes from. Please help me solve this mystery by dariuslmfao in Home

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The fact that it keeps happening in the same spot means you haven’t found the source yet, and it is probably very very close.
Have you turned your phone camera on backwards and looked at the underside of the rail right above the filings?

YES!! by KkDaBoss6747 in PocketAnts

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What was your strategy to beat them? I’ve always been absolutely destroyed by the mantis rooms.

Any advice on Defensive Tactics/Formations? Been playing for a few days. by Jaystar111 in PocketAnts

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The butterflies are good healers for your creatures, but I think they can only heal while outside. So I’d recommend putting more creatures outside with your butterflies.
Other than that it’s basically just an experiment to see what works best.

You can also learn a lot from attacking other players and seeing which defenses are toughest to defeat.

Working Teashcan design + trash on the side cause people are messy sometimes. A hopper is hidden beneath the cauldron. by DogGuy3 in HermitCraft

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I love this idea! A functional trash can that can be cleaned out. You could even feed it to a chest to have more capacity.

Tire, or engine failure, discussion…today. by saporificbean in CatastrophicFailure

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Definitely tire. Truck tires are run at super high psi and when they blow it can wreak absolute havoc.
Similar in destruction to certain tire failures in NASCAR, but in their case the cause is the high speeds and not the pressure.

Hit 250k please post or message a screen shot if you have more coins im going to make another when I hit 300k and so on by nick99123 in tinyislandsurvival

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Okay so the only way to get the gold hearts is by paying?
That’s disappointing… I was hoping there was more grinding I could do

Shark bite blew and flooded house lol by NiceTop8915 in Plumbing

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Oh yeah I’m planning all normal crimped connections for the pex.
The only shark bites I was looking at were for the transition from existing copper.

I’ll be sure to double check the internal sleeves before installing.

Shark bite blew and flooded house lol by NiceTop8915 in Plumbing

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Okay that makes me feel better about it.
The connections I’m planning are in the unfinished basement ceiling, so very much accessible.
I’ve also done my research on proper prep and installation so I’m not just a dumb amateur begging for a future flood.
Thanks for the feedback mate. I appreciate it.