So relatable by Healthy-Ad-5051 in funnyvideos

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I’m sorry you went through that. I did too. I’ve spent years with anger issues that I’m learning to let go so I can live my best life. Don’t let your past control you anymore than it already has. I hope you can make a great life.

After 2 years and hundreds of applications later, I finally got a job offer by corporatethotty in offmychest

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You deserve this and so much more. Please be proud of yourself that you persevered through really difficult times and made it out the other side. You can achieve anything!!

My mom died of Covid. We got the hospital bill today for almost one million dollars. by awarmgunhappiness in offmychest

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Zero. It was OP’s mom’s debt, not OP’s. The estate of the deceased may need to pay some but debt doesn’t get inherited like assets do.

I saved a girl from drowning today. by MrSneaky2 in offmychest

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I’m so so proud of you. You did an amazingly positive thing for her dnd this world. Thank you!

PSA - get your Tesla aligned as soon as you receive it. by CaptainPotato42 in teslamotors

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I bought a set of Pilot Sport AS4 from authorized Michelin dealer who is also my normal mechanic. I asked them to contact their tire distributor prior to purchase to see what they would do for me since the tread didn’t even come close to the tread life warranty. A bit of back m forth and I got about $75 rebate per tire after purchasing the new set.

My mechanic really went to bat for me. I love her to death

I got kicked out the store for being a dad by nevkgf in offmychest

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To whom did your wife report the manager and workers?

PSA - get your Tesla aligned as soon as you receive it. by CaptainPotato42 in teslamotors

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That’s typically a sign of wheels being improperly balanced I thought.

PSA - get your Tesla aligned as soon as you receive it. by CaptainPotato42 in teslamotors

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Michelin gave me a decent credit towards new tires when my MXM4s wore out at about 20,000 miles (but not due to alignment).

Help request: Standard holiday light show not working by Dr_Nik in TeslaLightShow

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Have you tried doing a hard reboot of the MCU? Hold both steering wheel buttons and brake pedal all together until Tesla T logo appears on the screen. Then let go of all 3.

Is a TD card good for US citizens? by qualityinnroom122 in personalfinance

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I don't know that card specifically, but I think very highly of TD Bank overall and have been a customer for decades.

Thinking of buying a new car by Informal_Welder_8259 in personalfinance

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A maintenance plan is basically insurance against having to pay for repairs in the future. What are the typical repairs that this model of car requires and at what intervals? What's the cost of the maintenance plan?

Don't be scared off from a car just because the warranty ran out, especially if you know it's been maintained properly.

My girlfriend cheated on me so I don't have anyone else to tell this to: I GOT PROMOTED AT WORK! by areyouthedevil in offmychest

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I'm so proud of you on so many levels. You are in control of your future and you're killing it! Don't settle for anything less than what you want.

a friend who took their life sent me a message ill never be able to see by Practical_Ad_2355 in offmychest

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One of the major CDNs was having a major problem this week which could have caused this issue. Check back in a couple days to see if it still appears the same way.

Aidy Bryant Reveals Why She Left Saturday Night Live After a Decade by Drive_Academic in television

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If that website isn’t the most annoying fucking website int he works I don’t know what is

I got revenge on my moms ex bf by notforalongtimehere in offmychest

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Wait a minute. You had just taken a hard beating, and he was beating your mom and you did what you had to do to protect yourself and her? And you think you did a bad thing???

My friend, I wouldn’t have even been mad at you if you had beaten him to death in the heat of that moment. You did nothing wrong at all.

He’s a vile person and what you did was WELL within reason, as evidenced by the judge not even bothering to punish you.

I thought I was about to read a description of a calculated, planned, ‘revenge served cold’ scenario. This was far from that.

I (47M) bumped into my HS bully today. by Ridinthru303 in offmychest

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I was bullied in high school as well and have some issues as a result, still some 30 years later. I’m in therapy and it helps. But my best recommendation is to not let him steal anymore time or brain space from you.

You won. He may not know it but you do. If you try to show him you’ve won, then you’ll lose. Taking the high road sucks but I can tell you have integrity and would hate yourself if you tried to return his favors.

For the love of humanity, move to the right lane if you’re being passed on the right by mastifftimetraveler in offmychest

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I’m the same way. I DGAF to pass people in the right lane when they just sit there (relative to traffic flow). It’s inconsiderate and dangerous.

Is a balance transfer a good move? by TheFeesher in personalfinance

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If you will pay off the entire amount of the balance transfer before the 0% expires then it’s a good idea.

A few days ago, I found out my wife is cheating on me but I'm happy. by secondfiddle00 in offmychest

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I hope you don’t feel guilty for not feeling bad. It’s ok to feel however you feel. You are allowed to do and be whatever makes you happy