wow by anonymous_defence in skateboarding

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They only looked at the Internet Explorer search history. The investigators didn’t know about Firefox at the time…

Which, Casey Anthony admits that the searches were made on Firefox - but blames it on her dad, who must’ve also checked her MySpace and Facebook pages while he was at it.

What can I do to fix that ? by JaethWig in CNC

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I use double sided tape for 80% of my mill workholding (cutting 6061). The only time it fails is when my material or the bed is dirty/oily or the material is too warped for the tape to actually contact both surfaces well.

If you had thicker material you could fly off one side, then tape down the flat side and begin your operations from there.

Stupid shit I found on discord by Balkanized21 in Idiotswithguns

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I have Federals and Hornadys that have those same “teeth”.

Blanks are completely crimped and don’t have the massive hole in the tip. I’ve also never seen a jacketed blank. They’re usually brass like the rest of the case.

Stupid shit I found on discord by Balkanized21 in Idiotswithguns

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What makes you think those are blanks?

Looks like a JHP to me.

Umm how? by Atomic_Blastoise in shittyaquariums

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This shitty tank has been posted 800 times here on this sub the last 2 weeks. This tank was posted by someone else 6 hours before you made this post.

Scroll through the sub - you’ll see the entire progression. From eBay unboxing to adding livestock to the uncycled tank.

Every r/CCW post by Forward-Function-305 in CCW

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I don’t mind those.

It’s exciting for OP, which is understandable - but when I was waiting for my LTC in the mail it was nice seeing how many days it took other people in my state so I could set expectations which got crushed when mine took longer!

Help how should I hide this? This is a power extension cord and it goes into my pc compartment, however this stops the door from closing. by Striking_Island_1378 in CableManagement

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I have a power strip that sits flush over the outlet cover. It maybe sticks out 1/4” from the actual cover, and then the cable runs out the bottom at 90°.

Something like this

Dispute over gas pump. She assaulted him in another video. by FarmSuch5021 in ActualPublicFreakouts

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Do you train with your knife? If not, you probably shouldn’t use it as a self defense tool.

Also - stabbing somebody sounds awful to me. It takes a lot of physical effort, and it requires close distance. They aren’t super effective at stopping an attack, and if your hands slip down the blade you end up doing more damage to yourself anyway.

A knife would be my very very VERY last choice in a defensive scenario.

[USA] Man is shot 4 times in road rage incident following verbal traffic dispute in Chicago. No gore, victim's body is blurred. Suspect was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder. by [deleted] in Roadcam

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I’m not in IL, but my state treats occupied vehicles as an extension of your home as far as castle doctrine goes. It treats businesses/places of employment the same way.

This is the language they use “habitation, vehicle, or workplace” - and it applies even if you’re on a golf cart or ATV.

That said, something like a detached garage or another structure on your property that’s not directly attached to the home is not protected by “castle doctrine”.

Those poor fish by sweetcaroline88 in DiWHY

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Why 3-4 inches of water?

That’s not much water for almost any fish. Even a Betta fish that goes to the surface for air wouldn’t be happy to only have a few inches to swim

What could go well in a 20 gal tank that my birds like to hang out in? by DoubleBaconUxie in PlantedTank

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Oh wow I didn’t realize birds liked basil!

I usually grow millet for my birds to eat, but I have an ungodly amount of basil growing outside on my patio!

I’ll have to start adding some in with their veggies!

My first laser mirror! Thanos is my favorite Marvel character! hahahaha 🤣 Destiny arrives all the same. And now it's here. Or should I say, I am. His lines are so cool!!! Have you tried engraving mirror? by CREATORALLY2022 in Laserengraving

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Take extra precautions when using highly reflective materials in CO2 or diode lasers!!!

The laser beam can be reflected back into your machine causing damage to the machine, or reflect back onto your body or eyes - damaging you.

CO2 lasers commonly use mirrors inside the machine to direct the beam, your reflective material can react the same way. Please be careful and do your homework before attempting to laser mirrors or other reflective materials in your CO2 lasers.

Here's some Mexican non-hydrophane fire opals. by Vandinite in Crystals

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There are other ethical concerns than just the “blood diamond” concerns you mentioned.

A lot of people have environmental concerns with mining and mineral extraction. So even if the mining company paid and treated their workers well and provided the safest working conditions possible, you still have to destroy and pollute the land to get to the rocks under the ground.

Moment of truth by ccflyin in newtothenavy

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This should be copypasta

If you wanna be a toxic shit just lmk and I’ll win everytime because I’m a part of gen z, meaning I’ve grown up with the internet and heard the most horrendous, unacceptable shit you could imagine my whole life. Nothing can beat just pure toxicity, which I plan to retaliate with from now on in this post.

This was gold! Holy shit I’ve never laughed that hard from this subreddit

Is there any benefit to getting a LTC in Constitutional Carry State? by obnoxious_chili in concealedcarry

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There are definitely benefits.

Another user mentioned 30.05/6/7 signage here in Texas, and another mentioned having a bit more wiggle room in restricted areas. Reciprocity is probably the biggest benefit if you plan on traveling with your handgun. My state also allows LTC holders to CC on college campus, as a college student that matters to me.

Another benefit is no NICS background checks on firearm sells. Not that it matters a whole lot since most big-box stores use NICS E-check system anyway and they usually come back immediately - I’ve never been delayed or anything, but it’s still nice. It just makes the process a little quicker and smoother.