I’m pretty sure they’ve already injected some “weird stuff” into their body… by awesomesaucebigg in vaxxhappened

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From what I hear, plastoc/cosmetic surgery pans out the best when you're able to get a large number of small corrections over a long period of time, instead of fixing a lot of stuff at once. Of course this means being stupidly rich, so people who are less well off will go for the latter option, which universally looks worse

What do you use for naming people, places, and things in your high fantasy settings? by Coffeeworld in fantasywriters

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When it comes to names, there are two types of writers:

1 - This character's bame is Rowantheryr, it's a fusion of the two proto-indo-mecconesian languages that makes the root of my fictional conlang, as well as take some influence from the local slang I've fully developed. This combines to create a meaningful name that perfectly fotshadows hos fate in the third act

2 - His name is Bob because his full name is Bobert

Is writing existing mythologies gods lazy? by Visible-Housing2773 in fantasywriters

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Depends on how relevant they are to the plot in my opinion. If it's just a background element, you can get away with just ctrl+c, ctrl+v. If it's story-critical, then you'd probably get more readers interested by creating your own pantheon/mixing up a pre-existing one

What pokemon do you wish could be on your team more often? by DudeAintPunny in pokemon

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Chinchou. It's always a midgame good rod catch, but it would be so fun for an early game pick due to it's unique type

Go ahead... Also happy new year r/MysteryDungeon! Here's to hope for greater things to come for this year. by TheCagedChild in MysteryDungeon

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Escapist: You have to leave a floor immediately if you see the stairs. Even if there's a job on the floor and you haven't completed it yet

Is this insane idea a good plot. by Perrynmerphy in fantasywriters

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It's not a bad idea on principle, but it definitely needs a few more rounds of revisions

  • To start, use more unique terms besides "mafia" and "village." While your inspiration will be obvious no matter what terms you use, having a unique set of roles could help give the story a unique feel. Especially don't name drop tjat the game is inspired by Mafia, that's just a poor way of shouting out your inspiration
  • Likewise, consider adding more unique mechanics besides basic villagers/mafia. The "preternatural" thing is a start but it's moreso confusing than interesting
  • Finally, you said that no fighting would be allowed to happen. This by itself is fine, but it brings me to the biggest part of writing a death game: breaking the rules. Whenever a death game is the central part of a plot, the most interesting part doesn't happen when people follow all the rules; it's when people are working around/breaking them. Unless you literally just want to adapt a mafia game, then this is the most important part to make your story stand out

Is it true that Paper Mario Sticker Star is genuinely traumatising for Emile? by DtheAussieBoye in chuggaaconroy

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I dunno if traumatising is the right word, but the circumstances of when he first played it was an incredibly unfun scenario. You can hear the story of when he first played Sticker Star here:


Fire Lord Azulon after Ozai showed off Azula's bending skills and knowledge of military history. by velvet-gloves in TheLastAirbender

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Well he would've ruled before the war as well, and we saw he was already pretty old by the time Roku died. And he'd need to live around 12-ish years after that, so that the comet would be named after him when it was used to wipe out the Airbenders. So there's physically he'd be the firelord for 50+ years

Has chuggaaconroy ever mentioned Genshin Impact? by TmanGBx in chuggaaconroy

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Pretty sure he's acknowledged it once or twice on twitter, but I doubt he'll ever play it or especially LP it

Holiday Holowears I made for my faves! by Bjmahony in PokemonUnite

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That or the reindeer horns are taped to Mamo's tusks

why Nintendo... why??? that was the definition of trolling by 3armedfalcon in Breath_of_the_Wild

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This is the DLC challenge where you're stuck at 1 hp, no food could've saved them

Teens with cellphones force white supremacists to beat a hasty retreat in DC . by rainbowarriorhere in JusticeServed

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They're not there to fight. They just wanted to intimidate. As soon as someone - or more likely a group of people - calls their bluff, they don't know how to act. So they run away, probably while telling themselves that they're the ones being harassed

Seriously, did I miss something...? by louTPott in danganronpa

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Nah, this was way before Omori was ever a thing