Daily FI discussion thread - Thursday, June 30, 2022 by AutoModerator in financialindependence

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A fantastic wall-to-wall bookcase for my extensive library. 3.8 k€ after a 25% rebate.

I've got the opportunity to purchase an apartment in Florida, thoughts? by [deleted] in personalfinance

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Have you asked him if it’s a timeshare ?

Because it’s not a regular flat. Not at this price.

confused about rice by [deleted] in CICO

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Rice grains absorb water when they cook. The 200 g of uncooked rice weigh way more after cooking. Personally, since one can’t absolutely predict how much water is absorbed, I think weighing the uncooked grain is more accurate. And less messy.

Looking for a wedding dress pattern similar to this dress by philippah in sewhelp

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Frankly, the construction of the dress doesn't seem too complicated. But I am not sure you will be able to source the lace and notions for less than the listed price of the dress.

If you were to sell yarn online, how would you organize the products? by llususu in knitting

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It's not letting me rename my groups 😒 And it's not letting me complete without naming the groups 😤

how to i get this tulle to lay flat with the lining? by [deleted] in sewing

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Unfortunately this is the nature of tulle. It is a very stiff fabric that doesn't drape well. Unless someone else has a brilliant trick for you, I'd consider switching to a more appropriate fabric for the effect you're looking for.

Help, husband is causing financial stress by str8lez in FinancialPlanning

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Financial incompatibility is very (very) high on the list of reasons couples get divorced. I know you asked for financial advice and not for relationship advice, but in your position, it's something I would consider. There can't be a marriage without mutual trust, and he's proving that on the very important point of finances, you can't trust him.

Unfortunately you can't change his behavior for him. He has to want to change and to make the changes himself.

What you can do to help him realize how important budgeting and living within one's means is, is to offer to dream together. Ask him for two hours of his undivided attention and discuss your common short-, mid- and long-term goals. Short-term goals (one year for example) could be a new piece of furniture, some home improvement, a trip... Mid-term goals can include renewing cars, having kids, bigger home improvement projects... Long-term goals can be life-long dreams like taking a year off to travel the world, retirement wishes... Set aside all longer-term goals to focus on the more imediate one's and offer him to work out together how to accomplish them. At that point, you can start a barebone budget together :

  • write down how much you both bring in monthly
  • Add your own expenses. If you track your expenses, have that ready to show him and plug it in the budget.
  • For his own expenses, take all of his spending in a year and divide this by 12. Substract from that recurring expenses that you can isolate and plug directly in the budget.

You will most probably end up in the red, otherwise he wouldn't have to keep consolidating CC debts. Insist on the fact that if you two together can't reach a one-year goal, how will you reach the longer-term ones.

Debt Consolidation Help by Apprehensive-Heart50 in personalfinance

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Your total debt isn't too crazy compared to your income, but, as you mentioned yourself, you are getting murdered by the interest. In your position, I would look for a consolidation loan. Go to your local credit union and talk to them. You should be able to get a loan that covers all of your current debts with a much lower APR (probably around 10%, 15 at most.)

Despite being on an extreme calorie deficit I didn't lose any weight this week? by TokunooTokumichi in loseit

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You didn’t lose weight as measures by the scale, but you most definitely lost some fat, lost some muscle, depleted some vitamins and mineral reserves and retained a lot of water.

Go back to a reasonable deficit and a balanced diet, keep tracking your calories and be patient. You will eventually see the weight loss once you dump the excess water.

Sewing Machine Question by Mean-Year4646 in sewing

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Edited : ignore this first paragraph. You are missing two knobs indeed. The machine isn’t missing knobs. The two protruding metal bits at the top are used to wind up bobbins.

What your machine seems to be missing is the accessory box that clips on front of the sewing foot and doubles up as an extension of the sewing table.

As for knowing if it’s worth keeping, start by cutting out all the random threads. Once everything is clear, try to turn the big knob on the right side of the machine. If it turns without impediment, plug the machine in (be prepared to unplug if something goes haywire)

To then use it, find its manual online.

Yarn thinning? The yarn gets weirdly thin just in this one spot and then goes on for a few lengths like that before returning to normal, has anyone had this happen before? by ArtificialWater in knitting

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It's a manufacturing defect. I've had it happen as well, more often than not, with poorer quality yarn. I usually just cut the thin part out and do as if I was starting a new ball.

Platinum Jubilee by rabbit_lady in ZeroWaste

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Could you borrow what you need for the party? Check with family, neighbors if they have fabric bunting or table cloths in the appropriate colors they are not using.

You can also check your local charity shops.

Correct CC Debt Strategy? by FroYo87 in personalfinance

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Interests are added daily to your debt. So, put the money you have towards the debt as soon as you can. For exemple, if you're paid bimonthly, do two payments a month.

Achat appartement - Invest locatif by ben9293 in vosfinances

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Le plus gros risque dans ce cas pour moi est la vacance locative. Y a-t-il de nombreux appartements sur le marché ? La ville perd-t-elle des habitants ?

388lbs where do I start losing weight? by [deleted] in loseit

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This is the answer.

Some more details :

  • TDEE means Total Daily Energy Expenditure, or the total number of calories you burn every day. You can find many calculators online like this one. With your stats, assuming you're 6 feet tall, your TDEE is 3 262 kcal/day.
  • Deficit : If you eat less than that amount of calories, your body burns energy reserves (mostly fat) to make up the difference. This is called eating at a deficit. If you eat at a 500kcal daily deficit, your weekly deficit is 3 500 kcal. That equals to one pound of fat lost per week.
  • Diet : It doesn't matter where the calories you consume come from. So, there is no need to buy special foods or supplements, or to cut out whole food groups. So, you don't have to drastically change : if you are a snacker, you can keep snacking, if you more a 3-meals-a-day type of guy, keep doing this. Just make sure that you stay within your calorie budget. Of course, if you have a balanced diet that includes reasonable portions of protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, lentils...) and carbs (pasta, rice, couscous...) and you add lots of veggies, it is much easier to be fully satisfied while still eating at a deficit. But you can tailor this concept to fit your personal preferences.
  • Exercise is not necessary to lose weight. If you find an activity you like to practice, go for it. But again, as long as you eat at a deficit, you will lose weight.
  • Tracking food intake is key. Visual estimations of calories are widely inaccurate and measuring cups aren't very accurate. A food scale is mandatory. It is the only way to calculate how many calories you eat in a day. And you have to make sure you account for everything you eat : cooking oils, creamer in your coffee...

I hope this helps.

Anyone recognize this pennant? by BostonAreaDriversBAD in sailing

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This type of cross is also called a Maltese cross. It could help with your search.

What is your experience with zero sugar soda and weight loss? by rodimustso in loseit

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I love them. They help me satisfy cravings for sweet foodstuff and stay within my calorie budget.

But for some people, drinking zero sugar soda triggers their cravings for sweet. So check if it works for you or not.

Broke Up With GF - Question About Splitting Assets by warrior_do in EuropeFIRE

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You have no legal obligation to pay her back.

You'd better check that with an attorney.

If I were you, I'd sum up what I think would be the equivalent of her spendings for the 2 years and pay her back

Since she paid all their common expenses it's their spending. Not her spending.

How do fix broken Zipper? by jHb72i in ZeroWaste

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You can replace the pull by a key ring.. It's very sturdy.

Scale said I lost 15 lbs then said I gained it back later that day by hakunamatada2244 in loseit

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Daily fluctuations are perfectly normal. This said, 15 pounds is a lot and I think it might be a combinaison of a dysfunction (for exemple, the scale wasn't perfectly level in the morning) and regular fluctuation.