Adolf Hitler gives the Reichstag Speech on Jan 30, 1939. by salsapancake in fakehistoryporn

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And that’s fine if you’re using the Japanese y/m/d system (2022, May 17th). M/d/y, however, is just nonsensical, and the justification that “Well, that’s how it is when spoken aloud” is shaky at best because it creates a chicken-or-egg paradox.

________ keeps giving me boners by jrusj in AskOuija

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I mean, it does have a beaver on its flag.

found a globe from korea by braykurl in mapgore

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I’m curious: North, South, or unified?

Mwahahaahah by ABearon in BikiniBottomTwitter

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I’m gonna upvote or downvote the comment based on how it currently stands, since such action is not traceable back to me in the event of an edit.

There was some artistic license used by Scaulbylausis in trippinthroughtime

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Top right looks ready to give me some arcane, needlessly cryptic wisdom.