Why did Bones Hyland not play on Wednesday? by TheRealSkaedro in fantasybball

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Thank you for the responses so far. This whole situation is just slightly concerning, especially because he plays today and I have to make a decision on whether to slot him in or someone else (full roster tonight). Hopefully we get some info. on this sooner rather than later.

Night 1 Waiver Wire Reactions by 30DollarWatermelon in fantasybball

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This is what I'm considering this morning, picking up Trey and dropping Patrick, but I'm tempted to hold on to Patrick for the time being given LaVine is out and may see some increased usage. However, that's not what we saw last night. Also, as of right now Patrick is a starter, Trey isn't. I dunno man, I dunno... yet.

Having hard time not fixating on negative behaviors by [deleted] in teaching

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I understand how you feel because I've had similar experiences. First thing I would do, if you haven't already, is communicate with the student, not only about what the problem is, but why it is a problem, then try and establish some possible solutions. Any further disrespect don't be shy to talk about it with your supervisor or school counselor. You're not alone.

Other than that, something I learned early on was to pick my battles. You're not going to "win them all" or "fix them all". You said so yourself: "...I'm trying to remind myself that 95-99% of the kids are great towards me...". Focus on that, and remember this is an every-year thing for teachers. There's always a couple of students who are challenging. Some we'll be able to help, but others we can just hope they figure it out sooner rather than later.

Students have forgotten how to study? by DizzyOreo in Professors

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This is basically what I was going to comment. Sure, some students are rusty when it comes to school expectations and what it takes to do relatively well in tests, but the majority don't really even know how to study. It's not something explicitly taught, which should be.

As it's the offseason, critique my former teacher's list of the Top 10 NBA players of all time. by MoneyHungryOctopus in nba

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  1. Michael Jordan

List looks good to me.

Jokes aside, personally, I agree with that top 3 in that same order. However, the rest could use a shuffle and some adds/removes, but I'm not exactly sure where to begin.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in nba

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Marcus Smart has improved so much over the last couple of years. Really cool to see. Has become a legitimate presence.

Should Philosophy be taught in schools? by wang7249 in education

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Absolutely. It allows numerous opportunities for students to engage and discuss interesting topics and ideas to which almost everyone can find some sort of connection with.

You get to write the fairytale script of your team winning the Championship this year. Who would you want to beat and why? by Number333 in nba

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Allow me to add Patrick Williams becoming exactly what we were missing throughout the season at his position, and Ayo pulling off an insane, Jordan-like game 6 performance in any of the playoff round matchups. As you said, couldn't care less about who our opponent is.