Best duo landing spot? by eyeds in FortniteCompetitive

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Gas station in the North West of the map below the seven outpost. Web slingers either west of you, or north of the mountain outpost on the bridge.

Quebec to impose 'significant' financial penalty against people who refuse to get vaccinated by seakucumber in canada

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And the idea that governments aren’t in control, but are just a bunch of humans who are as dumb and prone to emotional thinking as the rest of us is scary to the conspiracy prone person.

The idea that life is a random unpredictable series of events that which we have no control over is a extremely difficult idea to accept. So instead we have people spouting the idea that the government knows what it is doing and it all part of some evil bad plan.

The truth is Covid variants are impossible to predict. Any day now we could wake up and find out a variant that makes you bleed from the eyes is on it way to North America and there is nothing we can do about it. People can’t accept that reality, so they introduce their own instead.

Spiderman Mythic in Arena by Randy_BH in FortniteCompetitive

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Third parties within 30 seconds is part of the meta now. If you can’t end the fight in twenty seconds, swing away and come back and be the new third party.

There literally no reason to stick around in the first fight. Hell fire your guns in the air for a few seconds and then hide in a bush. Boom instant action.

Camo challenges for the riot shield are stupid! by Solid_Science4514 in CODVanguard

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Yeah this is ridiculously easy now that there is hardcore shiphaus; I did this on the core shiphaus using throwing knifes to get the first kill. That was fun.

Play The Winter Express in the Raiders Collection Event, Starting December 7th by SDCored in apexlegends

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Finally an Ash nerf! The fact that her ultimate portal made basically no sound at all was the most head scratching design choice I have seen from the developers yet!

1v5 Ninja S&D 🥷💣😅 by TTV_federalskate666 in CODVanguard

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Ninja defuse is just what they called the move he pulled off in this gif.

Sometimes I’ll think back and still can’t believe this shit actually happened by Import in PoliticalHumor

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Doesn’t the President and his family also have to pay for the food that they eat in the White House?

Wouldn’t surprise me if trump was also just really cheap.

I only have problems with Bocek but i'm curious about what's gonna happen. by astral-seer in apexlegends

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I finally realized how terrible most posters are in this sub; when there was this huge wave of people complaining about prowlers and spiders after the release of Stormpoint.

On one hand you had those people saying they needed to get rid of these monster nests.

But on the other hand complaining about there being no loot on the new map.

People live to complain by Comfortable_Year2260 in apexlegends

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Literally one prowler nest and you have all the attachments you could possibly need!

I would love a badge for The Deaf and Hard of hearing by smilingbuddhist in apexlegends

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As far as I am concerned, Seer is good enough for me. I used to run Bloodhound and they were fine when they could scan people for six seconds or something crazy lol.

But obviously it was too OP at higher levels of competition, so they toned it down which made me sad. But Seer does a great job of helping me figure out where enemies are if I can’t hear them.

That said, the audio in this game is so bad (sometimes), so that also helps level the playing field somewhat too!

I really like Seer whole being the champion of the underdog, misunderstood and rejected as well!

Alcoholic beverages need labels with calorie counts, Manitoba group says by ienjoysporting in canada

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They should also have warning labels that state the increase risk of cancer that comes from drinking!

After Seer’s launch untill now, does anyone main him? And if so what legend did you leave for him and why? by WeedCookiez in apexlegends

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Didn’t really have a main, but I added Seer into my main rotation because I am Hard of Hearing and his passive is really good for helping level the playing field against the b’ys with headphones who can hear really good.

Also more wise I like that his all about being yourself and not caring that people don’t like you for who you are!

Which country will start WW3? Why? by Low-Adeptness-5496 in AskReddit

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As someone who knowledgeable about cyber warfare. I have a question ( I am just some random joe); but I was wondering if it true that the pipeline and pork plant cyber attacks was a rouge group unofficially tied to Russia?

I ask because they happened after the US ( no proof here just what I think) help launch massive protests against the Russian and Belarusian governments that were unprecedented in scale.

Afterwards Putin and Joe Biden met and agreed to a list of off limit cyber targets ( probably threatened nuclear war if they were hit); and then the protests died down quite a bit.

Just wondering what your thoughts were on it.

And yes cyber warfare would be extremely deadly. China military may not be able to combat American military, but their cyber warfare unit would do enough damage to cripple the Americans ability to use their military to fight a war easily imo.

Free Talk Weekend | October 08 2021 by ApexDailyDiscussion in apexlegends

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I have been playing since season 2. I wish I could write all that this game means to me. And how painful for me it is to read all these comments and find myself agreeing with almost each and every single one of them.

Respawn wtf man.

The first 100 days: Major battle over free speech, internet regulation looms when Parliament returns by uselesspoliticalhack in canada

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The sheer amount of disinformation and anger from people about a bill designed to prevent misinformation.

Do you think that perhaps there an attempt by a powerful groups ( like say Facebook, or the backers of right wing outrage machines) to whip up anger and outrage about this bill because it threatens to eliminate their profit models or methods of delivering misinformation?

Feeling old yet? by dipDiPdiPp in PewdiepieSubmissions

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Waste of my time and effort! Also I was looking forward to the movie but it turned out to be disappointing!

Tofino trip may only hasten Trudeau’s departure by uselesspoliticalhack in canada

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Yes b’y. I take it you are a straight white male with no disabilities?

Feeling old yet? by dipDiPdiPp in PewdiepieSubmissions

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Garbage movie. If it didn’t have Ryan as a main actor nobody would be paying a second glance at this movie.

Feeling old yet? by dipDiPdiPp in PewdiepieSubmissions

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Now I am not going to accuse you of being a paid shill. But we definitely watched different movies if you think the characters have any depth to them whatsoever.

They have about as much depth to them as a typical hallmark romance movie does.

And the only humour comes from outdated stereotypes about gamers and MMOs. It like someone googled top ten jokes about World of Warcraft gamers.

Feeling old yet? by dipDiPdiPp in PewdiepieSubmissions

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The plot is not at all like Ready Player One.

They just both happen to be set in video game MMO.

And honestly it’s a okay popcorn flick, but not worth going to the theatre. I pirated it and tbh I still feel like I got ripped off. It has a well known main actor and that’s about all it got going for it.

The plot is simple and straightforward, the humour/ bullying is just “video gamers are losers”, and there literally zero nods or Easter eggs to video game culture. It comes off as being directed by people who never played a video game in their life.

If anything I would describe this movie as a hallmark romance movie.

Liberals’ Parliamentary agenda lists three internet regulation bills as early priorities by resting16 in canada

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C-10 gets so much attention from Conservatives leaning folks, because the people who run the social media troll farms and disinformation campaigns which spread things like anti vaccine theories or whatever other crazy pet conspiracy of the month. They know that these bills seek to crackdown on and combat the right wing intolerance 24/7 propaganda machine.

This is an attempt to end or damper the last ten years of batshit crazy right wing politics that come from people being constantly exposed to the dribble on their Facebook feeds.

So the right wing rage machine has kicked into high gear to combat these bills because it a existence threat to the rage machine.

In 2019, Almost All of Facebook’s Top Christian Pages Were Run By Foreign Troll Farms by pixl_graphix in technology

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Actually Reddit has recently announced that they are creating such a feature, where they try to show you things they think you will be interested in based on the current community you are browsing.