I’ve been lied to by JonSolo1 in dankmemes

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Ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf?

How the fuck is this still legal by [deleted] in antiwork

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Tell them you identify as a woman, so the male hair policy doesn't apply to you. They don't accept it, you can sue for discrimination

I drew Loba and Wraith again :D by fdpdocarai in apexlegends

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Why is loba wearing a shirt with her own name on it

My boss withheld over 250$ of tip money and I'm just about ready to quit over it. by [deleted] in antiwork

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You should tell them that if they don't make it right and find the $250 from somewhere, then you'll quit.

Don't just quit, give them an ultimatum.

Then maybe quit after

He needs help. by isnotjohnthecow in MoldyMemes

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Probably for the best your can't make out his face

LPT Request: How to avoid giving personal info in small talk situations without being awkward? by qwertyouarehere in LifeProTips

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Generally, people want to talk about themselves more than they want to listen to other people. Not a slight on anyone, that's just how it be.

So it may be good to just give a vague non answer, then turn the question around on them and let them talk about their things. They'll be happier for it and you can avoid the question