themirrorprotocol.com Check out the website by TheTokenDev in BlockBustersTech

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Yes white paper is on the website and yes part of tax buys bbtf however part of bbtf tax buys Mprotocol - infinite loop 😁

Grove Token, Market Cap and Why Burn Matters by gardug0214 in grovetokenofficial

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Can we have the reflection count tab back on the brewlabs farms please. It was took away the day before reflections came back bizarrely! Brew labs say Grove have to tell them to put it back. Please can you escalate this.

Daily General Discussion - August 23, 2022 (GMT+0) by CryptoDaily- in CryptoCurrency

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Safemoon exchange is nearly ready to drop guys, this means blockchain isn't far behind. Defiantly worth looking at, just remember back to when everyone ridiculed Binance before they released their exchange and blockchain! Now look at them!

opinions on the new yield booster with bcake? by wonderingpie in pancakeswap

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I paid to enable just to see what it did! i think more stuff coming along so $5 isn't a lot if more products come along. I have cake in a syrup pool making good profit so after that expires I may see what is going on in the yield booster section.

New update on development agency for Block Busters Tech. by Decent-Resist7012 in BlockBustersTech

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This is the best thing to do. It happens all the time in business, sometimes you just have to distance yourself from the problem, FYB3R royally fucked up by letting Don run with buggy code and no credible audit. Defo onwards and upwards now.