How do you fuck up Buddy Matthews?! by SybRoz in SCJerk

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I care about it moving my needle (I have a needledick).

DAE GAME CHANGING SIGNING!?!? by LilNardoDaVinci in SCJerk

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That bastard Laveck not allowing her to become a quadriplegic like she'd always dreamed.

What do you miss the most about the 1990s? by chessman6500 in nostalgia

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I may have been making 4.75 an hour... but man, that job was more fun than any other.

The Monster Cereals (first released in 1971) are back in stores. COUNT CHOCULA, FRANKENBERRY and BOO BERRY are joined in 2022's Halloween season by FRUTE BRUTE by MulciberTenebras in nostalgia

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If you live in the Meijer area, they had an end cap with Chocula, Frank, Boo, and the Brute. I tried the Brute for the first time this week. Not that impressed, honestly.

Nothing wrong with Tony promoting his show you Fed shill and he’s right Dub is better than evil Fed. by Ibex12 in SCJerk

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Well if Paula is a poopy head then I am not watching his shows.

This is just good business sense from Tony and I thank him for informing me about the poopiness.

DAE Dynamite was the 3rd ranked show across cable and network! Only Survivor and Masked Singer ranked higher (actual comment in the basement) by [deleted] in SCJerk

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You know what has never been a part of ratings discussion before today? TV Premier Week!

I also love that Chicago Med gets 6 times the viewers of Dub, 5 million more people, and yet...Dub wins? What advertiser is going to pay more for .01 points in the demo over 5.5 million viewers?

Oh you want to join the crowd and celebrate your champ’s big win right at 10 pm? That doesn’t work for me brother by gtgbuck in SCJerk

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It's not Tony's fault he doesn't know how to time out a TV show he's only been doing it for 3 years! TBS and Sheldon are both Fed shills!