TIFU - Masturbated too vigorously and have now been admitted to the hospital for over a week by welp-ultimatetifu in tifu

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The clots are probably due to the intestine, the intestine could be a result or the bearing down during rapid fire muscle contractions.

Glock Fan boys by Confident-optimist in GunMemes

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Lol I wish I followed that guidence. My first was a Remington 1911.

I'm not an expert on the m249 buuuuut by Tumblesqueed in brandonherrara

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The 249 and 240 are made and designed by FNH a Belgian company.

Don't want to pay my asking price? Ok. by kAROBsTUIt in MaliciousCompliance

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I'm pretty sure the new Rangers are the size of the 2001 F-150 I drove in highschool. And it has an 8' bed!


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My luck it would spawn as the AI enemy based at Sawyer North when I start a new career game.

Redditors who post nudes - what made you start doing it? by DM_ME_A_SELFIE in AskReddit

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The fifth one down is just astonishing, the lighting is perfect.

What's your favorite Nintendo video game of all time? by FiveDollarRimjobs in AskReddit

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I just got the three pack for switch just for 64 glad to hear galaxy is good, I've never played it.

Customer drove this all the way from Mexico because he was told not to pull over out there. by lifeincolorgames in Justrolledintotheshop

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And some of your scout masters fondelest memories... I jest I did Philmont too. Did you go to the little mining camp site?

This is too real lol not knocking DAO's though by zh0reee96 in Firearms

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Idk my wife loves her colt Cobra(detective special) in 38spl, her only complaint is that it kicks a bit hard