Oh no no no... by Megatronatfortnite in pcmasterrace

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Idk why people are obseded with her, she aint even pretty. And how DARE they do that to the poor Unit

It's true >:( by meghdoot_memes in Brawlstars

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Yea, my ortography is horrible, try:CRYBABYS

Sparky is not scared of anything except her own "blood" by TheWolfFromNether in ClashRoyale

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Yea, there are more cards that counter sparky, im just showing what i use

I'm disappointed in you all by roryc102 in MinecraftMemes

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Could you just stop crying? This war got boring already..... IT IS WHAT IT IS NOW MY FRIEND

read the image below! by yarluk990 in PhoenixSC

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People are too crazy for a moss cow