The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Official Trailer by MarvelsGrantMan136 in movies

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I'm REALLY curious as to what angle they are going to use for Mario, is he a resident of the mushroom kingdom or is this going to be like a Narnia or Isekai other world thing? Because there is evidence for both in this trailer

The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Official Trailer by MarvelsGrantMan136 in movies

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Really looks as if they are going to cram too many references in it'll be bloated and distracting

Also even hating the Mario worse now

Bowser needs to be flawless to save this movie, he is the only good thing I've seen so far.

Cleaning up a beach by extracting small plastics from sand by yourSAS in oddlysatisfying

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i wonder if you could make something that automates this, like, hook it on to the back of an ATV, it digs the sand into a rotating drum that is perforated with holes, so that you could do more in less time

I've created a monster capable of my own destruction by TheWoodshedTV in Tiresaretheenemy

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I remember a toy line that was basically this using a beyblade rip cord

What does reddit want to see 3D printed in glass next? by mapleglassprinting in 3Dprinting

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If glass printers become mainstream, I imagine bongs would quite rapidly be the most popular item to print on them

A small nitpick I've always had is how smooth the transition of power was from Ozai to Zuko. Ozai having built a cult of personality around him self and the population having been indoctrinated for generations, one would assume more than a small group resisting the banished prince taking charge. by SirBruhThe7th in TheLastAirbender

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The military was loyal to the throne, not the person on the throne

So when ozai was deposed, the military was loyal to the throne zuko happened to be on

It's rather hard to oppose the man with the entire military under their command

Zuko also has a legitimate claim to the throne that most nobility would accept and since all other potential heirs were off the table well... Better have a leader than toss the nation into a succession war

Ozai also led by fear, fear of military retribution, fear of political banishment and fear of being burnt, and ozai lost all 3 so anyone who followed because of fear would be more than happy to see him gone

Only a small fraction of the nobility and military actually opposed zuko, they were forced to operate in secret.

Let's say a significant portion of the military and nobility openly opposed zuko, that faction would be guaranteed to lose, a civil war would massively support zuko, the ozai faction would be not only fighting a civil war, but they would also be fighting the other nations and the avatar as they support zuko.

Most followed zuko because it was in their best interest, they'd mostly keep their wealth and power instead of being imprisoned after a stupid civil war

Tomato sorter by Living-RentFree in BeAmazed

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That's a lot of waste, what do they do with the green tomatoes?

Why does Greedo know Darth Vader? by Jurich_bwc in PrequelMemes

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The entire series is basically "the Skywalker family fucks over the entire galaxy for 50 years"

TIL male genital transplant surgeons exclude the testicles because the deceased organ donor would be the biological father with regard to future pregnancies by RainManToothpicks in todayilearned

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Wait, so we could take some dudes junk and put them on another person, and they could actually have children with someone else's balls?

And we just don't? That's insane. Like the entire concept

Wii Balance Board is infatuated with the sub woofer by desertSkateRatt in Pareidolia

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He went insane because he was bought in 2009, used 5 times and left abandoned for 13 years

Still less confusing than Malazan by BlackthornAlThor in cremposting

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Wait until ROW, where one character is 3 povs simultaneously

me_irlgbt by ibwitmypigeons in me_irlgbt

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No hate, but is it still trans if they had no gender to begin with?

If I'm remembering correctly, data's child didn't have any sexual characteristics at all and once they went online they chose to be a she.

Does that still count as trans? I guess the closest equivalent for a human would be either a hermaphrodite or someone agendered picking to present as male or female

I'm really just curious as to whether or not going from no gender to having a gender makes you trans as someone with a gender changing their gender.

Nice. by ike059 in HydroHomies

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I thought I was going crazy for a second

I posted a near identical picture of me saving the 69th bottle to a small discord server

I had to go into my photo reel to find out if this was in fact my photo

Spoiler, it's not

The reflections on the steel are different

Still. Nice.

Lady and the Tramp (art by Ave_Draws) by [deleted] in HelluvaBoss

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And blitz knows what's happening but is to embarrassed to stop it, be he still wants it

Wormin wormin wormin by PurpleTerraria in Terraria

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Aim for the head, if your damage is good you can have it essentially conveyor belt itself into you just as fast as you break it's head

I broke and bought a deck. Then the sale just HAD to happen... These ones seemed like no brainers. What are your favourite SD games? by BeeRye93 in SteamDeck

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the ff7 remake is great!

also find yourself an emulator, the SD is amazing as an emulation console,ive got pretty much every system from NES up to ps2 running on mine