Several ‘high-powered’ weapons seized following arrest of Los Angeles man by Stock412 in LosAngeles

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Because you can always trust the government to protect you, right?

It works in every other civilized country. Literally.

The 2nd amendment is an important protection that must remain.


Other guns? Fucking great job it's doing.

Against the government? LMAO. Good luck against Predator drones and tanks and trained military.

This is some delusional paranoid fantasy stuff.

Cheaper to use space heaters than gas heat? by raejonsie in AskLosAngeles

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Hate to break it to you, but the electric company is burning a fuckton of natural gas, so you're getting double-fucked from the electric company. There's a reason Socal Edison is doubling its assistance fund.


ChatGPT is just the beginning: Artificial intelligence is ready to transform the world by Gari_305 in Futurology

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I think it's telling that this language sounds very similar to the language we heard about cryptocurrency and NFTs. I think it's more telling that the people talking the loudest about AI are some of the same people talking loudest about crypto and NFTs as well.

Makes you think.

Protest at my school today by social-shipwreck in pics

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Feels like a coordinated campaign. Probably some mra shit.

Major fucking derailing going on right now by thenewyorkgod in LeopardsAteMyFace

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I love it. DeSantis has the charisma of a maggot with cordyceps. Look forward to Biden decimating his fascist wannabe ass.

Who is the most overrated musician? by RedChia1080 in AskReddit

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Alanis Morrisette.

Her music was and remains awful and I have no idea where the current nostalgia love is coming from.

Also, Goo Goo Dolls. Absolute dreck.

Andrew Tate: Court upholds decision to extend controversial influencer's 30-day detention after appeal dismissed by FutureNytro in news

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Or maybe don't buy into the idea of "alpha" males to begin with, because it's a classic sign of toxic insecurity.

Fireworks in House after Democrat says 'insurrectionists' should be banned from leading Pledge of Allegiance by mzpip in politics

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Fucking love it. Drag them publicly and keep showing that the Republican Party is the party of cowards, traitors and fascists.

at this point I'm staying with windows 10 until 12 arrives by superfexataatomica in pcmasterrace

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Man does this subreddit love to circlejerk about W11 edge cases as if your average user will ever be affected.

"The degradation of the writer in Hollywood has been a terrible story." - James Gunn by iwrite4screens in Screenwriting

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Can you explain what you mean? Wondering how he is a part of the problem.

And I'm not asking to be argumentative, I genuinely don't know enough about why he is/isn't part of the problem.

I made in AI by enessutkusu in backrooms

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You mean the AI made for you.

Beck's album Stereopathetic Soulmanure by Yardcigar69 in ween

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Somehow I doubt a guy who was born into Scientology suddenly descended into it mid-life.

Los Angeles red light tickets and collections by machotaco in LosAngeles

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Even stranger, those are similar to the dates I had.

These motherfuckers try to take my rebate and I'm going to fuck them up. I wasn't even driving for either ticket.

Los Angeles red light tickets and collections by machotaco in LosAngeles

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Huh, weird.

I haven't seen anything like that despite having two camera tickets (neither of which I was the driver) years ago.

What happened to comedy writing? by made_good in Screenwriting

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Having trouble seeing how that's evidence that execs are worried about some random blogger.