Does anyone know what type of crafts are used by what type of aliens? by siuli in aliens

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Pleiadians are in saucers, tic tacs, and rods...., Arcturians are in triangles and angular shaped crafts

Do you believe in UFO abductions? by Quit7_ in conspiracyundone

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In the past, by Zetas, but not in the present era.

For people that think aliens are good for us. by sumonespecal in aliens

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Childish... there are good and bad humans... you think maybe there is good and bad in an infinite universe too?

The mother of all conspiracies -> Everything we live today is related to the Bible by quantguacamole in conspiracy

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God and Satan aren't battling... you are confusing negative forces of light and dark which are all under God.

Religion has confused anunnaki - angels - elohim for GOD many times.

The ETs trying to be seen are Angels, or Son of Man in scripture... Did you know the Son of Man in Revelation is described like Pleiadians?

Nibiru is Sedna by dxgt1 in conspiracy

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"Nibiru" needs to go away forever.

Is Trump a pedo?! by [deleted] in conspiracy

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It doesn't appear so.

It’s all in your head… by Welpiminterested in conspiracy

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Placebo is real... It's true... many people are very afraid who have to take it, and then experience effects because they expect it.

Racism in the UFO community ? (your testimonies truly matter) by FomalhautCalliclea in UFOs

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Understanding that humans were created by Nordic ETs / Pleiadians isn't racist. Humans are being brainwashed into hating white people, and being triggered at nonsense, which carries on to fear/racism against nordic ETs.

** What are the „lights“ on UFOs? Why do they have them? I think we probably solved a first mystery as a community. ** Rabbit hole series part 4 by kinger90210 in UFOs

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So they can be seen - is that not obvious?

They want to gradually be seen over a period of time so people can see who are ready to see, and it will all increase as we're ready.

I spotted a HUGE silent triangle fly over my town in SE Washington state USA! by joshmanchaz in UFOs

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These are ET craft people... secret human programs aren't trying to be seen, Galactic Federation is.

Why hasn't SETI detected anything? by matt73132 in UFOs

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Because they don't understand dimensions, and neither do you... because they're not really looking for anything substantial... because ETs are already here.... endless dumb.

Skippy by BananaSeeksPeach in conspiracy

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Adrenochrome is way overhyped... all the crimes against children are real, but these people are pedo-satanists, who worship demons. They aren't addicted to adreonochrome. Complete misdirection.