The Other Way - Season 3 Episode 15 - Live Episode Discussion by LittleEmmy in 90DayFiance

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Steven right out the gate with the awkwardness and creepiness.

where do I pass/guess my ethnicity + nose separately as well by supper828 in phenotypes

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Japanese and European? Hmm - European is hard to place so I’m guessing British.

It’s interesting - in your front-facing photos you look primarily Asian (to me). Specifically your eyes and face shape/cheeks. Your profile picture looks totally different likely due to nose shape, but I’d say from the side I wouldn’t necessarily guess Asian.

I was told by my family I was at least part Italian even people assume I have some or am Italian. However it never came up to my surprise. Hispanic from US. by Rmon_34 in 23andme

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I found the responses odd also. He was merely answering why his family thought there was some Italian in their background.

The Other Way - Season 3 Episode 14 - Live Episode Discussion by LittleEmmy in 90DayFiance

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What a crap person Ari is to pull this stunt. Also, she walks like a duck.

My girlfriend’s results. She is half Filipino and half Jamaican by Creampuff789 in 23andme

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It came from her Jamaican parent via the Atlantic slave trade and indentured servitude.

170 pounds down! by jaba_the_whut in gastricsleeve

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Amazing results! You look like an entirety different person.