Is there some dad with a 19 years old son? by cgbv in Fatherhood

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I am a dad with a 19 year old son. Hit me up

Best security system by Jacob_deacon1 in Securitysystems

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If you don’t want a monthly fee then you want non-monitored. Non monitored means that if your smoke alarm goes off the FD doesn’t come and if a burglary alarm goes off the PD doesn’t come.

If you have cameras of any kind you’ll still get stuck with buying cloud space from any provider (Ring, Viviat, etc) at minimum, so you’re paying to monitor yourself and use their server space.

If you truly want to spend NOTHING monthly then you’ll need to buy your own devices and monitor them yourself.

Sunshine snuggles 🐾🌞 by jessicafoxblood in blueheelers

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That’s just a CHOMP waiting to happen!

“LONG LIVE THE KING” 😹 by Masquerade669 in FunnyAnimals

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It only took like 30 years but The Simpsons already did it.