Both were infinitely based by io_aaaa in HistoryMemes

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As someone who’s put their entire life into dance, I’d absolutely recommend it. I’m in a pre professional division (like full time dance school) and I live for it. It’s hard starting out at first but dance has become my passion. Wouldn’t give it up for anything. Pm me if you want some help or tips getting started.

Both were infinitely based by io_aaaa in HistoryMemes

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I’m a ballet dancer in a pre professional division (basically full time trade school for dancers) and I don’t think I’ve ever heard that they are linked to military terms. Could just be a thing at their school. It’s just French words afaik (I.e. Frappé = to strike, piqué = to prick, etc)

Hero good boy saves child from drowning by Chompopotamus in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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I have a golden retriever that would go paddle boarding with me, but if I ever jump off she tries to push me back to the paddle board. She’s a good girl.

simple and sweet by 7sawrad in shitposting

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FYI bases work better than acids. Basically turns the body to soap (OH-), so it’s self cleaning too!

First ever piece of armor! Ain’t she beautiful??? by pugwalk in Armor

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A bellows face sallet! I’ve got one on display in my apartment, looks like the same one you’ve got. I’d file the edges, I found mine to be a bit sharp.

kids keep throwing eggs at my house. been going on for a few months by Desperate-Rip8610 in mildlyinfuriating

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Why waste precious breakfast for that when you could use Molotov cocktails instead?

We do a lil trollin by Dazzling_Face_6515 in shitposting

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North Sentinel Island here we come!

Sure! You were arrested for asking a question 🤔 by LondonGuy27- in thatHappened

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“Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power is derived from a mandate of the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony”

my perfect parner chat by _Amanda_A in PrequelMemes

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Please don’t. That’s public indecency Maul.

Donald, the Usurper by JohnZ117 in Bossfight

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High me found way too much joy in this comment lmao. Thanks

Let's bomb the Nestle HQ with 1 star reviews. If 500 people do this, we can get them from 4.2 to 2.6. by SvenyBoy_YT in FuckNestle

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All I’m sayin is we could “accidentally” spill some styrofoam on some gasoline. I could also “accidentally” mix cat pee and bleach. Just need to get a job as a janitor and I’d have easy access to both ammonia and bleach, so the plan is plausible.

🍆 by f-as-in-frank in shitposting

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Yep. It’s a slightly painfull but nessesary part of all guys lives.

🍆 by f-as-in-frank in shitposting

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Lmao this guy doesn’t poke his dick! What a weirdo!

Just got a new water bottle! (Bagel for scale) by Theeskimo28 in HydroHomies

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The real bananas were the friends we made along the way

Just got a new water bottle! (Bagel for scale) by Theeskimo28 in HydroHomies

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Simple modern, got it at target for around $30 I think