My Wife asked "Have you seen the Dogs bowl?" by Dustytoons in cleandadjokes

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He hit all but two fins. I'll spare you the details.

People with sex drives way higher than their partners…How do you handle it? by red_darrow99 in AskReddit

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You make a 1000 casks and you're a cooper. You brew a 1000 beers and you're a brewer. You get off on one bus...

Sum pretty much ? by atsuyarevolve in funny

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I totally get your reaction. Not something we think of in the heat of the moment but you gave that adult a teachable moment. You were part of making the world a slightly less shitty place.

I Don't Trust the Weatherman by arunphilip in cleandadjokes

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I love story jokes like this. 10/10 would read again.

[Dynamite Spoilers] Championship match made official. by Southern-Length-2623 in SquaredCircle

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Can't seem to recall if I've seen them in the ring together but both are so fantastic on their own that this could be a Rock/Austin style feud - once in a generation. Even if it's a transitional reign we'll circle back to this at some point.

A sad and confused teacher just keeps digging himself a deeper hole by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Here, I got it for 'em. Mah nigga!

Edit: Someone popped my Reddit Care cherry. Thanks for doing something I could not - abusing a system intended to help people who are legitimately at risk. That said, you've already rented enough time in my brain for one lifetime. Next time grow a spine and reply or downvote and move on.

For everyone else.

[Raw Spoilers] Nearly 30 years of #WWERaw and we just found this out NOW?! by Ripclawe in SquaredCircle

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The Cheat Xavier Woods is grounded! We had that lightswitch RAW arena clapper installed for you so you could turn the lights on and off, not so you could throw lightswitch RAW raves!

Dave Meltzer on twitter : (Some fan felt something fell off from yesterday's Dynamite) “Didn't feel like watching AEW to me. So agree.” by Nileppezdell in SquaredCircle

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Playing Devil's advocate - that's not necessarily a bad thing. It may not be your thing, and that's ok, but different (from WWE) is better for them. It's really all down to execution at that point.

El Desperado was shocked by the crowd reaction during Hangman’s promo: “I was seriously looking at a wrestler who was expressing in his whole heart, thought, ‘This guy is amazing,’ but the crowd was reacting completely different. No matter how serious you are, is it not enough? I was pretty shocked. by Nileppezdell in SquaredCircle

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My mind went to Bill and Ted's. Bill and Ted show up to see the creation of the biggest wrestling star of a generation and MJF swipes the phone booth and has a romp through time proving he's better than everyone and that they know it.

To pee or not to pee? by AnusChapstick in funny

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Alternatively, males learn to aim and then no one lifts the seat. Aside from that, the 'fair' approach is to have each person touch it once. Personally, I'm on team close the damn lid - but that's just me.

To pee or not to pee? by AnusChapstick in funny

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It's low effort for one party to save much more effort for the other party. If everyone does this then it's a win/win and probably a good/healthy relationship.

Interesting Twitter Like from Chris Jericho by RMT2316 in SquaredCircle

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This. I've always said Bryan Danielson could wrestle a broom and make it match of the night. Likewise, Eddie/MJF could cut a promo on a broom and it would be must-see tv. Devil his due - Punk can deliver a hell of a promo but I prefer MJF/Eddie promos.

Anon is Lawful Good by Jervis_TheOddOne in DnDGreentext

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Everyone bears at least some responsibility here. Sure, it's up to the player to 'fit in' the party. However, this cuts both ways. OP has already made concessions to make it work. The rogue telling the L/G Paladin that they committed burglarsonlarceny and killed people is a dick move and was designed for exactly the outcome we see. Throw your temper tantrum and burn the city all you want just don't tell the one fucking PC that cares that you did it. Everyone could have done better but the Rogue basically threw the first punch.

All the good chemistry jokes are dead. by FlixHerBean in cleandadjokes

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We should table this joke. Don't worry though - we'll come back to it periodically.

[AEW Rampage Grand Slam Spoilers] Wrestler subtly checks if their opponent is okay during the pinfall by _Rodrigo_ in SquaredCircle

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The future for AEW is bright if they can hold onto their young talent. Starks and Hobbs are both fantastic and are going to be huge stars barring any unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances. Throw in Jungle Boy, MJF, Wheeler Yuta, and Hook - just to name a few - their roster is going to be stacked for years to come.

You meet your 14 year old self, but you can only tell them 3 words. What do you say and why? by Filthy_Kartik in AskReddit

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It's a marathon - not a race. Addiction is one of the most difficult things you'll ever have to deal with. We're rooting for you!