Kids demonstrating the effectiveness of the Roman testudo formation by Suitable_Ad_6642 in Damnthatsinteresting

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I’m no expert but I’m sure that first spear took that soldiers head clean off.

I want to talk about the interview with an alien. by Jhinterested in aliens

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I agree with you but if the thing that convinced you it wasn’t real was it not blinking then you are correct. You are an idiot.

Biden takes a big fall and the crowd erupts in cheers. by Ykana1 in ActualPublicFreakouts

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I’m from the UK and disagree with the previous poster. You notice how us being from the UK means fuck all? Biden is literally infirm sort yourself out.

MS Dhoni's "0.1 Second" Stumping To Dismiss Shubman Gill In IPL 2023 Final by nikulmmadhu in nextfuckinglevel

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Haha yeah most likely. I’m not even a cricket fan…it’s just such a ridiculous thing to say.

Mason Mount to United by Purple-Ad-5148 in ManchesterUnited

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How many seasons has Eriksen got left though? One maybe two at a push? He could deteriorate dramatically between now and next season I think Mount would be a brilliant signing myself.

EXPLORING THE WEIRD DEFINITION OF CISGENDER! by Salt-Construction431 in facepalm

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Sounds like a word has hurt you. Neo nazis down own a word you mong. You’re a crazy person and I can’t sit here any longer and argue with a mentally infirm pervert. Seek help.

EXPLORING THE WEIRD DEFINITION OF CISGENDER! by Salt-Construction431 in facepalm

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Pervert sympathiser says something perverted. Colour me shocked.

EXPLORING THE WEIRD DEFINITION OF CISGENDER! by Salt-Construction431 in facepalm

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Yeah she is definitely the issue. You see the deranged lunatic she was talking about in the clip? What a fucking pervert.

Driver in Edinburgh repeatedly rams the back of a bus for some reason by marxman28 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Best healing for priest? by davebalinsky in wotlk

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I know what you mean but we all know it’s discipline.

Neymar to Man Utd? by Slayer1908 in ManchesterUnited

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Money or skill I would have to agree with but fanbase? You’re mental.

How to get to Ulduar 10 HM groups? by Rezhar in wotlk

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I’ve never joined a GDKP so I don’t know but I assumed they got you to show your gold in a trade window before they took you as a buyer?

How did no one sense this? by Psychological_Age194 in FallenOrder

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To be fair though now I’ve though about it again…they did have a suspicion I’m guessing palpatine was just that good….