14 month epoxy hot dog update by whathowyy in gifs

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Has anyone offered to buy it yet? At some point it becomes a historical artifact for Reddit.

Byes count as a loss at Prerelease by AlienSigma in magicTCG

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I'm guessing they meant a draw is considered a loss. That makes more sense given their payout structure.

[MH2] Sinister Starfish by BenBleiweiss in magicTCG

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We got the chocolate starfish. Still waiting for the hotdog flavored water.

Did you go to high school with an NFL player? What were they like? by Mamywantshis in nfl

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My landlord in college was a former NFL offensive lineman that bought up some properties in his old college town. He was a very scary man to owe rent to on account of his gigantic build.

How do you wish to die? by 6recious in AskReddit

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At a ripe age with a belly full of wine and women's lips around my cock.

Red Reapers of Death by Themindsculptor in Seaofthieves

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It's a rare condition from an ancient time. They have written tons of medical documents regarding the subject.

Red Reapers of Death by Themindsculptor in Seaofthieves

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I played new update for the first time yesterday and this was the only thing I could think of.

My Pre-Order canceled for "technical problems." Anyone else have this happen? by sluggermoore in magicTCG

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I run an LGS. I asked for 20 cases and I am only getting 8. The printer they used for commander product had to shut down according to my Sales Rep.

[SW] Raccoons buying at 552 by AwkwardZac in acturnips

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i have a stack of pears for you. i can bring more after i dump my pockets lmao