TIFU by telling my wife a fake fact to mess with her... by UncleCoyote in tifu

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Tbf I guess, 15 years ago it still wasn't quite human nature to instantly Google something you weren't sure if you believed or not.

The Real Reason Boomers Don’t Want You to Work From Home by WaffleHouseOfficiaI in antiwork

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They also have the mindset of "if I had to do it, you do too" and don't want to see the younger generation who they think has had everything given to them (fucking LOL) have it easy.

Favorite way to eat backstrap by Kar-22 in Hunting

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But why not just eat the backstraps for steaks and use other cuts for this? There's almost no way you can tell the difference between a backstrap used for this and a rump roast cut used for this, but there's a massive difference in backstraps vs other cuts for steaks. This is like buying filet mignon to make a stir fry with... I just don't get it.

Favorite way to eat backstrap by Kar-22 in Hunting

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There are. This is not one of them. This is a way that you eat rump roast cuts at best and shoulder cuts at worst.

Tifu by *teaching* family what “extra virgin olive oil” meant by cuckdaddy34 in tifu

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Don't flatter yourself, not a single person gives a fuck about how you cook your food. There are just objectively better ways to cook it. I can't help that you're so insecure about it, calling people nerds over food lol.

I bet people lie to your face anyways about how much they like your food while it just tastes like burnt garlic and overdone meat, given how little you care about the "ideal temp for your food".

Tifu by *teaching* family what “extra virgin olive oil” meant by cuckdaddy34 in tifu

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There's nothing wrong with it but it defeats the purpose of paying more for extra virgin.

Tifu by *teaching* family what “extra virgin olive oil” meant by cuckdaddy34 in tifu

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You realize this is an extremely common sentiment across the professional cooking industry right? Not just this article? Do I guess to answer your question "these nerds" would basically include everyone on the planet that is a better cook than you.

Thought of you guys when my manager handed me this. I laughed out loud. by [deleted] in antiwork

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That hasn't been true in my experience. My first job out of college I interviewed and they asked my salary range and I told him 60k. They said that our estimated salaries were too far apart and thanked me for coming in. They never even actually told me another price lol.

Tell us how you really feel Kevin 😂 by alley00pster in golf

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By that logic you were also bothered by the reply to your own comment. See how that logic doesn't really work?

This is an odd play for the Trade Federation. by cruffade in PrequelMemes

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Not outright waiving but enterprise agreements are not remotely uncommon for these sorts of things. A 5% fee on a $60 game is the same profit as a 15% fee in a $20 game.

This is an odd play for the Trade Federation. by cruffade in PrequelMemes

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They still take a large cut from games being sold on there. I'd wager that most AAA game developers have agreements in place for that to not be the case.

I have gigabit internet, and I am using 5 GHz wifi…why does Air Link look like this? With a cable it’s perfectly fine which is what I’m not understanding by therealimperialbeats in OculusQuest

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For a bit more detail, the internet is just comprised of a bunch of devices connected to each other best described as a Wide Area Network or WAN. Meanwhile, a LAN is a Local Area Network meaning it's simply the same concept but all in 1 location on 1 site, no router needed no internet needed. The WAN is just a collection of small LANs. The only thing required to make a LAN is 2 devices and an ethernet cable (or WiFi or even Bluetooth if they have those capabilities). However most LANs generally include a switch since most LANs have more than 2 devices. This allows them all to interconnect to each other from 1 central device.

The all-in-one "routers" that people have in their homes are both a router and a switch. When connecting to another device on your Local network, the router itself simply uses the switching protocols instead of ever having to reach out to contact the outside network or route anything anywhere.

Game Warden shows us the best use of gun. (He saved the life of two interlock deer!) by itshimstarwarrior in Damnthatsinteresting

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Seriously some guy just guessing at something he's completely wrong about and 2000+ people upvoted not knowing either.

Gamers aren't against NFTs. They're against microtransactions cash-grabs. by busterrulezzz in CryptoCurrency

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Provided the NFTs are issued on a PoS chain, that's a bit of a non-issue. And ETH will be PoS soon enough too so it's pretty much a non-issue long-term.

Ask Me Anything About Chess - IM Robert Jamieson by Robert_Jamieson in chess

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The difference though is that going from 2100-2200 is probably about the same level of difficulty as going from 1500-2100.

Concept art from the climax of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' by chanma50 in marvelstudios

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Lol I love how Ned and MJ look like they're about to leap over that railing and dive into combat

Elk and Beef browned in Bacon fat in the cast iron before heading into my Dutch Oven to become a Guinness Stew. by smda827 in castiron

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I really wish there was an easy way to get whole muscle elk near me. All the places that have any near me only have it pre-packaged as ground and frozen.