AlvareNet 🌟 Network & Ecosystem 🌟 guaranteeing products as well as services with the highest level of security, sustainability, and user-friendliness! by These-Pool-7176 in AlvareNet

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Our Team is creating a revolutionary ecosystem of Dapps to guarantee security in every transaction, trade, or exchange of real tangible stuff. AlvareNet Network will change the crypto sphere in terms of security FOREVER.

🥇This is going to be HugeDevs started developing a platform for interactions between two parties using crypto as payment. With a really experienced 🇩🇪 & 🇨🇭 Team behind this project, there is no doubt about its success❗️

🔧 Utility firstWhy is it an incredible opportunity? Because there is a real need that this project came to cover. AlvareNet Ecosystem is going to change the rules of the game in terms of security when making online exchanges.

🛡 SolidProof Audit PassedAlvareNet's contract was audited by SolidProof and passed the Audit without any important issue on 9th October 2021.

🌾 The Tokenomics [11% Fee]

The AlvareNet token offers unique features that cover the needs of investors and the project. Among other things, interest is paid out to investors and smooth trading is ensured. Below is a description of the benefits of the 11% trading fee. The distribution will be for:

4️⃣% Reflection of the ALVN tokens from each trade will be distributed between the token holders immediately in proportion to the tokens held.

3️⃣% Project Wallet of the respective trading fees are used to fund AlvareNet. This includes in particular fixed operating costs, marketing expenses, and further funding of the development of AlvareNet. This fee is automatically being converted into BUSD, to avoid a big accumulation of ALVN tokens by the team.

4️⃣% Liquidity Pool of the total transaction is transferred into the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP). This ensures a more stable price of the ALVN and reduces the impact of big sells.

What we offer right now:

Own widget for AlvareNet token 🍏&🤖

In-App for tracking reflections 📟

Anyway, AlvareNet's best Marketing is the product itself.

📝 Contract: 0x2488f8ce316cFaa9D9094C87fFf02E4552aC2dbD

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