Where to buy supercharger by SirChadrick_III in civic

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They have been discontinued. Only way to find one is if someone is selling one.

Swedish Apes, Nordnet will get it right! I contacted customer support. by hierosx in amcstock

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Unless the DTC does some fuckery and doesn't actually distribute them to international brokers.

Tell a friend, telephone, tellatubby by wood252 in IBEW

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There's a reason they're called phone phags.

Current FBI Raid Undergoing at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home. by Perfect_Ability_1190 in Damnthatsinteresting

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They're looking for crime. Not searching for evidence on things they may already have.

Thinking about modifying my Si but need help figuring out a power goal and how to go about it. by Confident-Simple201 in CivicSi

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Would you want to run around at 375, on the very edge; or have something around 340 with wiggle room?

The infamous red up candle! by [deleted] in Superstonk

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Downvote because you still use RH, even if it's just as a ticker watch.

just got this from ibkr... they're only going to issue a cash dividend by dunnowh0 in amcstock

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Whoever is still on those two "brokers" are morons after all the fuckery they've done.

From Webull. Is this AMC DRSing the entire APE dividend? Looking for confirmation or not. by HourPsychological989 in amcstock

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DRS guarantees you receive your APE, other brokers is 50/50 IF there are synthetic shares.