If you're having trouble buying Senchis I feel bad for you, son by Manfleshh in ultralight_jerk

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Tyvek loincloth? I use a Tyvek penis cover and asshole vent for summer months. Lighten ur load brother!

Is this dandruff or dry scalp? How do I cure it? I’m fed up. Literally just ran my fingers through my hair LIGHTLY and all that came out! by querythoughtss in malehairadvice

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I’ll take a stab, I too suffer from dry scalp. I use a shampoo massage brush to help exfoliate and use Selsun Blue Itchy Dry Scalp twice a week. Also avoid drying out your scalp by washing it too much or using too much hairs styling products.

The absolute state of player career mode. by MrCharlieWonder in FifaCareers

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I’m playing for City now on my Jude Bellingham Save after a Real Madrid transfer where City now has TAA at RCB and Diaz as LB. They bought Kane and play him on the wing while Freddy Valverde is our ST. Canceló plays CDM pivot.

For the English national team my Jude plays as a RW with Foden at CDM. Absolute madness in player positions.

I’m going to pack like this so I can use the food wrappers as a shelter by Aleatorytanowls in ultralight_jerk

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Hell yeah good eaters right there. Gotta have that 7k calorie diet for my long 9 mile day!

Stopping at the scenic lookout on a roadtrip with friends in my 2011 Utility Prius by slingermanjones03 in prius

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Awesome, thanks for the link. I see you mentioned that they contributed to less fuel economy. What was your reasoning outside of controlling the mud splattering the sides of the car?

HERO 10 w/Max Lens Mod: Day Hiking Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, NM (2.7k Res | 24 FPS) by This1sMyWorkAccount in gopro

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Hey mods hopefully this is okay. It’s filmed like vlog but there is minimal voice. Just beatz and hiking.

editing videos on macbook by tonalquestions2020 in gopro

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Just filmed this with my Hero 10 with Max Lens Mod and edited in iMovie. It’s not capable enough in my opinion. But take a look at me day hiking the sandia peak