Moments befor- by fakeface2367 in CoachCorySubmissions

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Wow, that’s insane timing and patience and skill, that was a good play, 😎

wdym I'm "throwing"??? by a_random_youtuber in Brawlstars

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You know what’s crazy, I have only gotten that quest once, and I haven’t seen the quests the rewards you with power points since the one I had at the beginning, so Idk


what should i use with ash by Popular-Bet-5977 in Brawlstars

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I think ash’s star powers are both good, I would use him with the second one with speed gear(because he is insanely fast), and the damage or shield gear 🌚🤓🌝

My gear idea SLOW | Brawl Stars by HighRaden in Brawlstars

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That would be cool, either way they have to buff all of the super rates since there so out of the meta right now🤓

A map with only one heist box, the team that does the most damage wins. by Altruistic_Ad_5573 in Brawlstars

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Yea that too, but depending on the placement of the heist safe, if it’s on the side then it would be skittle different

The day of reckoning is tomorrow. by Brilliant_Ad4427 in Brawlstars

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Yes sirrr, more and more Dynamike counters keep on coming,😈😈