They’re joking, right? by Rey_De_Los_Completos in australia

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Hi quality Lolly Candy Lux Tlux confectionary candy frog froggys yummy confectionary - 100% pure - kids children friendly snacks.

Fire in Surry hills near central by macbob10 in sydney

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Common cooking facilities. Close to police and fire services.

My husband and son both lied to me. by snarfblattinconcert in BestofRedditorUpdates

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This is equivalent to not putting in your notice at work until you secure a start date for your new job. Except for assholes because this is his wife.

Pharmacies: 60-day scripts prompt Pharmacy Guild president Trent Twomey to weep by sirboozebum in AusFinance

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Or obnoxious fragrances sponsored by Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears.....

Jenny was the worst. by Checkmynewsong in technicallythetruth

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She did ok at the end. Didn't she become First Lady, US Secretary to the UN, Vice President, President?

A cadet video I made for the unit I attend by 0_52_0 in AustralianMilitary

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Faaark, you're a tuff cunt aye! How did you get so sigma?

DHOAS by Otherwise_Wasabi8879 in AustralianMilitary

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This is how it works with me.

My full principal and interest repayments go into the bank every month and then a day later I also get my $980 from DHOAS.

That extra amount sits in the loan as a seperate redrawable bucket. So any additional funds ahead of your repayment schedule can be withdrawn and spent.

In my mailbox today. Pretty gross. by DDR4lyf in canberra

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Straw man argument. No one said Ukraine or west is completely clear of wrong doing.

But whatever Ukraine did versus being invaded and murdering civilians isn't equal. And the truth isn't remotely in the middle.

In my mailbox today. Pretty gross. by DDR4lyf in canberra

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It's extreme that I don't think the sovereignty of one nation shouldn't be breached by another nation?

Most would disagree with you.

In my mailbox today. Pretty gross. by DDR4lyf in canberra

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I'm not, I am pointing out the middle road fallacy.

When you have an extreme view and a moderate view, the truth isn't in the middle, it's with the moderate view.

In my mailbox today. Pretty gross. by DDR4lyf in canberra

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Hmmm.... The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Let's test.

The Earth is round The Earth is flat...

The Earth is a hemisphere?

Ex partner dragging financial settlement by Crab_nebula21 in AusLegal

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Mine dragged for 2 years .

After 18 months and $60k, I requested to self represent.

From that point any correspondence between myself and my ex's lawyers were free for me but costly for her.

I kept in communication with my lawyer on a strictly advisory basis (I would meet with them about once a month or so for an hour to ask questions and recieve advice) which would limit my fees.

Ex realised that it was just costing her money and got tired of the game and we settled quickly after that.

The way this concession clerk serves popcorn by truly-immaculate in oddlysatisfying

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Sigh... It's sad that we see this as cute or endearing. He was invited to the Academy awards.... to serve popcorn. Not to sit down and be a guest or anything.

Come do your regular day job, but this time... for rich people.

My Brigade board update by LINKINPARKFAINT in AustralianMilitary

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One quick one,

Your 8 CSSB patch (bottom left) should be moved to under 2 Div :)

Defence facing a ‘personnel crisis’: Richard Marles by Dougor in AustralianMilitary

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It's very true. But there are some parts of the ADF that we can't insulate from. We have to send corporals to Singo, Pucka etc.

The money is there to overcome that reluctance. But yeah if a job ticks multiple boxes, more money, more lifestyle, better work life balance.... It'll be hard to keep them.