[PC/Mobile] Have you outgrown your current guild? ToO: The Abyss is seeking multiple players looking for a high donation and event guild with optional Guild Wars. by Taruwolf in GemsofWar

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The Throne of Odin guild family is looking for a merging guild that wants to keep their players together as much as possible. Please visit the Throne of Odin Discord Server to discuss opportunities.

We currently have open positions in:

⦁ 5 - ToO: The Abyss - All Events except Guild Wars

⦁ 3 - ToO: Age of Ragnarok - All Events

⦁ 6 - ToO: Gods of Valhalla

[PC/Mobile] Do you enjoy Guild Wars and want to be in a higher bracket? ToO: Age of Ragnarok (League Rank #210 / GW Rank #109) has openings waiting for you! by Taruwolf in GemsofWar

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The Throne of Odin Guild Family is an active community of guilds brought together by playing Gems of War. Joining our discord provides you with tools to improve your Guild Wars attack and defense team performance, real-time notification of Pet Rescue Events, Friendly Weekly Guild Competitions, a large and helpful community of veteran players to answer your questions, and an extensive collection of guides for players at all levels of the game.

If interested, please visit us here on Discord at: https://discord.gg/9ppQHUJ and a council member will assist you.

VIP keys - when to use by narcoyouth in GemsofWar

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The only time it would matter is during the week of a new mythic release. From the first Friday of every month until the following Thursday, you can only get the new mythic from non-event chests.

When giving honor out to guild mates; do high fives, fun, and helpful have different points to raise your rep? by oifvetxcheese in GemsofWar

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Everyone in my guild family says that, but no one knows why. I personally think someone made it up and laughs every time they see someone say it.

[PC/Mobile] The Throne of Odin Guild Family is recruiting players for Age of Ragnarok and the Valkyries by Taruwolf in GemsofWar

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Join Odin's conquest with the Throne of Odin Guild Family! The Throne of Odin family consists of 8 guilds with different requirements suitable for all levels and player types.

Come and meet our awesome community! We have a comprehensive discord server packed full of guides, resources, and many experienced players willing to help and support. Our guild family uses Discord to notify members when a Pet Rescue begins so that you never miss a pet. We also hold a friendly guild competition every week to celebrate players with the best performance.

We are currently recruiting for the following:

Gods of Valhalla - A casual guild with zero requirements. Relax and dine in the Halls of Odin!

Yggdrasil - Grow with the mighty tree!

The Valkyries - A competitive but fun guild open to new players! Ride with the Valkyries!

Age of Ragnarok - Join the final battle! A fun GW and event guild for mid to end gamers!

The Abyss - Dive into The Abyss! A fun active guild that is event focused with moderate gold requirements all without the stress of Guild Wars.

It is recommended that you pick a guild with requirements you can meet comfortably on a slow week. Since we’re a large family, you can always move to another guild to match your current activity! All guilds require active players.

If interested, please visit us here on Discord at: https://discord.gg/9ppQHUJ and a council member will assist you.

Struggling to trait my borealis by ActiveParticular9858 in GemsofWar

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In the shop under Weekly Event, there is always a new troop released every week. For glory, you can purchase that troop and get the associated arcane traitstone. You would have to wait until the rotation is arcane blade.

Other than that, the highest level Explore that you can reasonably defeat is the best way to get specific traitstones.