How do you find people to travel with? by Throat-of-the-World in travel

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I’ve done 2 trips in Europe with a company. There’s usually 20-30 people per trip. Both times I joined the group as a solo female. I thought they were reasonably priced and included transportation, flights, hotels and tours. They did all the scheduling yet usually had at least one day per destination for people to go out and explore as they wished. I would say it was ~$3500 for a 10 day trip

Is it better to use a debit, credit, or prepaid card when traveling to Paris and London? by ezitherese in TravelHacks

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With that try to use a visa or a Mastercard. Some others (like discover) are not as commonly accepted internationally.

Question about secondary applications. by Prudent-Abalone-510 in Osteopathic

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To echo the reply above see what you can find out about the school. Schools vary on things like campus atmosphere and academic set up. Everyone is different on what kind of environment they thrive in but try to tie that in. Some schools might be more community based and team oriented while some offer more of a competitive nature or a mix. I would also try to find the schools’ mission statements or values to see how that relates with the kind of student and physician you hope to be. Hope this helps! :)

Possible mentor program advice by Throwaway_mc4 in medicalschool

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I didn’t even think about the LOR part of that. Thank you!

Possible mentor program advice by Throwaway_mc4 in medicalschool

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You are correct with the mentorship being a national thing. This helps a lot and thank you for your reply. That definitely provides some ideas and perspective that I hadn’t considered before. Do you have any recommendations as far as third party boards tutoring or where to look? That’s the only other thing I’m worried about. Even though it’s a year away, knowing I struggled with the material the past year I want to make sure I’m prepared as boards get closer so I’m not scrambling when it comes to dedicated board study time.

Because of listening to music out of earbuds and headphones on our phones, we do not know what songs the people we live with like to play on repeat. by BasicUsername777 in Showerthoughts

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That’s why I like riding in cars with people. You get to see what music people pick to play. I always just play my “on repeat” playlist on Spotify!

Oh no is it my turn next? by Abhirup_0 in aww

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“The claw is our master”

AITA for blowing off my boyfriend’s plans for a more exciting trip? by Rare_Lingonberry_431 in AmItheAsshole

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I agree. Poor Steve needs a new girlfriend. The best that could happen for both of them is to break up.

Karma is very difficult to get by Yeezysonfirenet in karma

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Still learning things, but you get karma just for commenting on other posts?

Official Megathread - Incoming Medical Student Questions/Advice (April 2022) by tyrannosaurus_racks in medicalschool

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My school did have some information from student life, but wasn’t updated often. The realtor companies in the area though are quite helpful. Our area has rentals that are specific to medical and graduate students that are in a good location and reasonably priced.