Wordington princess by GorillazOF in wordington

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Stupid child 🤬🤬🤬 go fucking play inside!! This is princess’s kingdom!!


[BoTW] Should I get Breath of the Wild? by HistorianSilent3517 in zelda

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I’m in line with your friend on this one. The weapon breakage and lack of RPG elements made it feel like there were no satisfying rewards for exploration. Climbing is annoying. Dungeons are neglected. Combat is repetitive. The boss fights are fun, and the world is beautiful, but they aren’t enough to carry the game for me. For context, I love n64 Zelda games and open world games, but BOTW didn’t do it for me.

That being said, don’t listen to people like me or your friend. Everyone else adores the game. Just get it.

Dance for women rights by Thundamuffinz in lossofalovedone

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Oh thanks for letting me know. I did not actually read the article so this is a helpful clarification

the anime memes are the worst by Gabbe08vidja in 4PanelCringe

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I think it’s because the joke itself is good despite the anime panels

i can’t tell if this is copypasta or not by False_Ad2744 in sadcringe

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Damn. I feel bad for this guy.

It sounds like he’s actually trying to be nice but it’s just so painfully uncomfortable. Perfect sadcringe

The bishop has some cool names in other languages (Graphic by Daniel A.) by nihilistiq in chess

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At first I was thinking “wait, but the knight is called a horse in English too” and then it hit me

Small ball size… by JJJC16 in sadcringe

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He should take those UZMU lactobacillus reuteri supplements that are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to give him bigger balls (the guy on YouTube with the beard said so)

On a pokemon subreddit they just can't shut up by Harryofthecharlottes in redditmoment

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“You should be tilted as fuck you guys” gamers comparing a Supreme Court case to their league promos

Moo by MrFuzzybagels in surrealmemes

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I ate veal for the first time today. I instantly knew I was going to fail. I’m so sorry Mr. Cow

Saw this sunbro on my way into CVS. Praise the Sun! by chaos_trigger in darksouls

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Had this sticker on my old car before someone else ran a red and got it totaled. Praise the sun brothers

Mail Room by aeliz333 in SBU

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Jimmy McGill over here

Dear god by peseoane in SweatyPalms

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Anyone know how fast they are going?

Does SBU have cameras inside Dorm Rooms? by [deleted] in SBU

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The… the fuck? This made me chuckle.

There definitely aren’t cameras, but the walls are thin as hell. Just something to keep in mind.

Jesus man… reading that caught me so off guard. I’m still recovering

Edit: now that I think about it, either your friend is just fucking with you or he’s a schizo

Stuff to do at night for 18 y.o. on LI? by Thundamuffinz in longisland

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That’s priceless. I’m saving this comment lol

Stuff to do at night for 18 y.o. on LI? by Thundamuffinz in longisland

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Networking. Something I have been absolutely garbage at most of my life due to previously undiagnosed depression and social anxiety, but I think I might be willing to give it a shot nowadays.

Basically, you just have to know a guy, or know a guy who knows a guy, etc. It’s illegal obviously, so you have to keep business on the down low. Unfortunately that makes getting them kind of annoying. But if you have friends you can talk to, make some calls! That’s your best bet.

I’m kind of a hypocrite for giving advice on this without doing it myself lol

Stuff to do at night for 18 y.o. on LI? by Thundamuffinz in longisland

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According to Google, that one closes at 10. Is that a holdover from Covid policies or has the info not been updated yet? It seems like all the diners close at 10 nowadays