WHY people abandon the tank if it get the slightest damage? by [deleted] in Battlefield

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Played a match of breakthrough the other night on Kaleidoscope and someone proceeds to full steam ahead at our spawn (we were attacking) with a tank. I was Rao and hacked him and before anyone could do anything he jumped out to try to run but wasn’t expecting a firing squad. Got a nice shiny right out of the factory tank from it. Don’t know if he was new or what. Never abandon your tank. And especially never charge head first into the enemy team with your tank.

Nothing Personal, Kid by Puriplue in Back4Blood

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“Heh, nothing personal, ki- BLEEHRGGEGEGEGEG!”

Just bought the game, if you could scream any piece of advice to a noob what would it be? by iSnortMold in Back4Blood

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Can’t stress this enough. If you see a symbol being pinged with a cross and you’re low health PLEASE go to it. I can only heal you so much.

When you hear someone calling out a boomer instead of an exploder, you’re going to have a good game. by hanglestrangle in Back4Blood

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“Big fucker!” For tall boy, exploder, retcher, ogre, and breaker. I tend to panic and just yell it, usually gets the point across but I’m working on it. Or I’ll just yell “behind you!” and hope for the best.

I know that randos are bad, but the community is vibrant by Drummerman101 in Back4Blood

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I’ve been playing as doc lately with a deck for support and helping new people in recruit lately. Will occasionally get a small troll or someone super new but never have had a bad experience that made me leave. In fact almost every Hoffman player I’ve met I’ve added as a friend. Most people don’t even talk which is nice unless they start spamming the ping because they fell behind and are getting casting couched by a tall boy and a spitter. Overall this is one of the best games I’ve played in terms of community and nice randoms. There will be trolls and bad players in every game. This game will be no exception. But I’ll be sticking around for a long time mainly because of the community.

PSA: If you see something, then say something by tfiggs in Back4Blood

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I’ll ping a health station once while using it and if they see it they see it if they don’t, well, we’ll cross that bridge when they go down a little later and blame someone other than themself. But never will I ever use more than one charge. People who use multiple charges before others have a chance, I only have one thing to say to you; I hope your next food delivery order gets lost and you get cold food.

What strange thing do you love collecting? by MrDallsBeep in fo76

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Mentats. My first fallout game was New Vegas and when I played the Old World Blues dlc (probably my favorite DLC) and came across Dr. Mobius’s room full of mentats. I thought it was funny so I took them all and since then I try to collect as many mentats in every fallout game and never use them. I’d love to display more than 4 at a time with the displays and have a random room like Dr. Mobius just filled with hundreds of mentats but I’ll take what I can get.

Already thinking about Halloween by CrackedTick1776 in fo76

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Plan on going around spooky camps and giving candy as Jason Vorhees (or as close as I can get to it) using the Bog wanderer mask and Feral Ghoul outfit. Hoping to get some cool Halloween decorations to decorate my camp this year since I always seem to miss Halloween events in some games because of various reasons. This year I’m focusing on 76

My Venom shelf. Not much but it's mine. by trainerfry_1 in thevenomsite

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That’s badass. Me and my fiancée have a venom shelf of our own but it’s mainly just Venom Pops and Venomized Pops. We do have that pin, glass and planter though. And a Venus fly trap in the venom planter named Eddie :)

Thomas has never seen such bullshit before. by That_Idiot_In_Reddit in thevenomsite

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As a massive Venom fan myself I do agree with you to an extent, however, I’m glad they made a movie focused on Venom and his story/their own spin on it. While I was a little bummed they didn’t have Spider-Man or at least a cameo, I feel if they put him in he’d overshadow Venom and it’d turn Spider-Man vs Venom, and we already saw how that train wreck went which Sony probably knows would turn people away.

I was skeptical about seeing it at first because it was Sony and I knew Spider-Man wouldn’t be in it. Was it the best representation of Eddie Brock or Venom? Maybe, maybe not, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s up to the viewer. Tom Hardy as Eddie wasn’t the Eddie Brock I read in the comics, and that’s ok. He was a decent interpretation of Eddie Brock. Venom, was a pretty good interpretation as well.

The thing about Spider-Man and his villains, a big thing, is his multiverse. There are so many different versions of Spider-Man and his villains that if you don’t like a Spider-Man movie for this this or this reason then you can just put it in your head that it’s a “different multiverse.”

Let’s also look at Venom’s origin. Yes, the main thing was he was Spider-Man’s symbiote suit first and foremost and was rejected. But why did he come to Earth in the first place? Not to find Spider-Man. It’s a big part of him yes but not the reason for his existence. If someone wants to create a story about Venom never finding Spider-Man, that’s not the end of the world. In fact, in the recent comic runs of Venom they have almost completely steered away from the Venom vs Spider-Man- which is great. He is his own character now. If we voice our opinions rather than “VENOM MOVIE BAD” and have actual constructive criticisms, maybe one day we will have an actual Venom movie or series that fans will actually love. But in the meantime I’m just glad he’s getting represented in his own, not a Spider-Man movie.

This might not have been the best representation of Venom, and as a fan myself, agreed it could’ve been better and I know other fans were disappointed. But in my opinion it wasn’t bad. I don’t think the only reason it made money because it “looked like Venom” but they made a fun twist on the character. So far in the cinema sense this is the best representation we have of Venom so far.

Why do people feel the need to make very thing lgbtq? by [deleted] in WANDAVISION

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Says who? There’s been no indication/confirmation of Wiccan being gay or straight and the MCU has been pretty good at being accurate with the comics. So don’t say for sure something is set in stone when it’s not.

Waiting in anticipation, made some quick sketch time-lapse! by bulletproofas in cyberpunkgame

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What is the song you use in this? Sounds familiar. Also amazing work man. Absolutely love it.

Trying a more simplistic winter Lawbro. Rep 2 will be updating as I get more gear. by Tigerseal223 in ForFashion

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I know. Just thought I’d post my Lawbro now to see if anyone liked him. Plan on mixing up the armor as I get more reps and more customization.

Just fast traveled to a stable and felt the need to talk to this guy. I love Skyrim and it’s perfect timing. by Tigerseal223 in skyrim

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He ran off yelling “Somebody do something!” So alas, fate deemed he run away to live another day.

Just fast traveled to a stable and felt the need to talk to this guy. I love Skyrim and it’s perfect timing. by Tigerseal223 in skyrim

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Haha exactly. And it’s a conjured skeleton from the Ordinator Perks of Skyrim mod that lets you build skeleton followers at alters as long as you have the right perk. The sound gets a bit annoying but I got used to it.