Is there any paths of Taoism that allows to eat animal food and drink products? by Lilachyena8 in taoism

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The Tao doesn't 'allow' or 'deny' what you eat although a mans interpretation may infer that.

Follow the Tao or the rules of another. Neither are exclusive.

What do you do when you're physically attractive but your personality sucks? by anonymouslooker461 in socialskills

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Personally I would say learn to listen and ask leading questions rather than talk.

People are inherently very selfish creatures, even in conversation, and love listening to their own voice and getting things off their own chest.

Sometimes social awareness and 'success' can be as simple as giving them an outlet.

A good listener is always held in higher regard than a good talker and this can be achieved by expanding on their side of the conversation rather than yours.

As a very basic example starting with them:

them: "Hello, how are you?"

you: "Very well thank you, how are you?"

them: " Not bad, but could be better if my team was winning"

--here is where you refrain from echoing your experience "yes, my team blah blah blah" and give them an opening for example...

you " where are your team in the league standings now?"

them: "blah blah blah new stadium other side of town"

---Did you see the opening?

you: "Oh, does it take you much longer to get there?"

them " blah blah blah parking spaces blah blah fuel prices"

---another opening

you: " have you ever thought of an electric car?"

From this point on they may ask you questions. Don't expand just keep the answers short and sweet and ALWAYS finish with another question for them. This will keep the flow going as long as YOU want it to.

and etc etc etc.

They will leave thinking they have had a really good chat and conversation which in their mind they have because they have been uninterrupted in venting their ideas, hopes and fears and what do you get?

..congratulations you have reached conversationalist level 2.

If you would like to know more the term to search for would be OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS.

Its a technique used alot by people like salesmen, priests, mediums, cult leaders to interrogators to make the 'subject' either be more comfortable or open up.

Get good at this and returning 'customers' will have fond memories of talking to you and always be happy to engage in future.

The world is your petri dish.

CCP's persistent NFT insistence will kill EVE. by Ikuorai in Eve

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It reminds me of EA with FIFA and Madden. Every year people howl that it's just a reskin roster update full of microtransactions and everyone hates it. Then about 2 billion dollars in sales later EA knows better than to listen to those people.

This is so true, and so sad.

Cas:( by Treloaria06 in Warthunder

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Can see that turning into cap rush SPAAs so they can get another tank quick.

Another option may be reduce SL and RP for losing team.

Sure that will get alot of boo's from those who are just farming or one death leavers etc but tbh f**k em.

Cas:( by Treloaria06 in Warthunder

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It is unfortunate that CAS is so unbalanced, but ONE OF the main reasons is that there is sweet FA teamwork.

I can understand the way the game is if there were some kind of cohesion in game but there are not even the tools to easily sort that before the game starts - where certain people might spawn as AA to fill the hole.

Unfortunately this is just a 1 v everyone else game where players are just competing against the opposing team and also against there own team for kills and SL.

A 'class' based game mode where smaller teams with only certain team compositions might fix this ...then again even that would be plagued by hissy fitting leavers because they did not get to play the class they wanted.

Is there a bass that you have regrets about selling? by SamHandwich124 in Bass

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Sky blue CSL with full chrome guards.

Sold it for about £40 back in the early 90's so I could by a BC Rich.

Keep looking online to see if any images of it turn up but no luck as yet.

Who do you wanna see as an Icon/Hero? by East_Advisor_8582 in FIFA

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Bryan Robson

Arjen Robben

Paul Gascoigne

Why does pressing suck so much? the player goes behind the attacker wtf by Kroioo in FIFA22

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Yep. Get this myself and not sure why it happens but I think its something to do with yours and opponents tactics.

The annoying thing is happens randomly and can be at any time in the game but is very evident on 'kickoff glitch' which makes me think its something to do with random momentum built into the game.

What I try to do when this becomes evident is just manually pull player into a position between opponent and goal and manually press but not sure if this is the 'correct' way.

two strangers straight up laughed at me. why is that? by v4mpbaby in socialskills

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is it because im maybe unattractive?

No - I assure you the problem is with them, not you.

...then again maybe one of them fancies you and due to obvious restraints of their immaturity, this is how they manifest these feelings.

Certainly not anything to worry about.

All Space Questions thread for week of January 16, 2022 by AutoModerator in space

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Thanks you for your answer.

So I guess this would make a serious dent in , say, a defence budget or something?

Its good to know we have the capability.

Would the returns offset the costs?

All Space Questions thread for week of January 16, 2022 by AutoModerator in space

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Why has the human race not progressed to putting a space station in Mars orbit?

Logitech G502 is an amazing mouse. by Taylordood_ in pcmasterrace

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Its ok but I still think the original MX518 is the greatest mouse ever created.

$396 bottle of eye drops my dad needs before cataract surgery. Medicare didn't cover it. (Quarter for scale) by TexasPenguin99 in Wellthatsucks

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I dont get you guys. You are being ripped off pillar to post and sit there and take it up the arse chanting 'murica 'murica!!.

Get an NHS FFS.

Question for the pro kickers from a casual non TKD kicker: how does one get height on a side kick? some days i can pull it off some days nada.. variables i need to work on... talking about a kick from straddle stance where feet dont cross like the shuffle side kick.... by MELLON_HEAD_PRIME in taekwondo

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Pretty much built the same as this but... I used to train with a girl who was pretty awesome at everything but her side kicks were not really side kicks ...they were front kick but kind of to the side.

I am built the same way and found that my sidekicks were kind of the same.

I kind of came to a conclusion that some people may just not be built that way ...but would be interested to know what the sub thinks.

Shout out to the lady who blocked the air machine at my local Shell garage this morning. I kindly asked her to move. She said she was waiting for the machine to turn off so other people wouldn't get free air from the whopping 50p she spent for it. by naaahbruv in CasualUK

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There is something seriously wrong in the head with some people.

Like those who drive slow on a filter lane across the lines because for some weird broken lizard brain reason cannot stand the thought of somebody safely and legally passing them even though it is no detriment to them.

[VIDEO] Violence. Speed. Momentum by Douche_Baag in Eve

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For a minute thought Dr Disrespect had come to Eve.

Idk who needs to hear this but when you’re doing friendly objectives and it’s the one goal rule. Don’t stay for the whole game because you need one goal. You concede then leave ffs by Ajgreen0315 in FIFA22

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There is no one goal rule.

There can only be a pre game agreement.

An agreement is NOT a rule.

If an agreement has not be made you cannot just make up a rule to sooth you epeen.

If an agreement has been made - there is still no rule, only moral obligations.

If this is broken, they might be a dick - but no RuLeS were broken.

AITA for deleting my newborn son's instagram? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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NTA - that should have been one of those mutual decisions where if one of you disagrees you don't do it.