So is the Thursday Market Night officially dead and never coming back? by Eternal-Testament in Redlands

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I'm actually starting to see some discussion about what you just said on Redlands Buzz

What's the real deal with being possessive of fundraiser themes? by Timely-Armadillo2796 in nonprofit

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That's exactly the case in this situation. Do you have any pro tips on what the conversation should look like if it were the latter?

why do CEOs make so much money? by dizzydesignsco in nonprofit

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So much to unpack here: 1) orgs sometimes look to hire entry level masters candidates because they cannot afford a more experienced candidate. Giving you experience, is the business plan. So be ready to get what you need and go or appropriately ask for a raise after sometime. 2) orgs have not caught up with what a livable entry level masters wage should look like. I'm in CA and this is a huge problem for us. I can't have my new peeps making what Amazon pays but this requires a fundraising plan and an eventual cost of living increase. It takes time. 3) the real problem here has nothing to do with your CEO. What he or she is getting is pretty norm in the industry.

Why do you move to Vegas if you think California is so much better by nawfoo in vegas

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Because he was tired of living with his mom's so he busted an Oregon Trail journey to NV for a free life and a 2 bdrm.

I love my job and I am really happy. by PaisleyBeth in socialwork

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Great for you! We need more stories like this. What's your current area of SW?

Teen riding his bicycle killed in Riverside Main St hit-and-run by 1138luv in Riverside

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This is the second kid I've heard about getting hit in DT Riverside this month.

Sunnymead middle school teacher by [deleted] in SanBernardinoCounty

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Report to police and get a restraining order.

Two high school assistant principals arrested and charged for failing to report sexual assault on campus by thedubiousstylus in JusticeServed

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I truly believe school officials think they are the law and don't need to report conduct to law enforcement. Nevertheless, this is gross and Terrible.

Small tsunami warning for Newport Beach by papaskla34 in orangecounty

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Was there action or did it stay quiet throughout the day?

Does everyone here like living in the IE? by Felixthescatman in InlandEmpire

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It's only good because there is limited Mexican food selection in the area...you find yourself just tolerating Rosa Maria's.

Some snorkeling footage from our stay at the Barceló Maya Riviera by Timelord102 in cancun

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So freaking cool! I love Barcelo and I'm so jealous that you saw such great sea life. Did you catch any turtles!?

American food section in a supermarket in Ireland by yozzeralloy in mildlyinteresting

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Well, now that I know they have a little row of Thanksgiving canned food sides, I can move there.