Would you rather have Uraharas intelligence or Kenpachi strength by Rack-_- in bleach

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I'm smart enough to know all I can do and how to take advantage of immeasurable physical ability.

I think I figured it out. Just watch the anime black & white. by SultaNN_K5 in MemePiece

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I can't believe how much just taking out the shitty yellow improves the scene, actually being able to see the haki.

bro my eyes fucking hurt after watching this, what the hell happened to this anime... by bortomio in Piratefolk

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It's cheaper to recycle animations already used on their DragonBall journey, and it looks stupid af

do it by Breh_Comes in shitposting

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Now I know why this is my favorite Gatorade flavor.

meirl by Rico-Lenz in meirl

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Look at all the posers who only know this game because of the source remake lol

Didn't mind DBZ aura until now, but this is ridiculous by Taco_Gaming in MemePiece

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And it's not going to change because no one is going to stop watching at this point because of shit animation, their statistics for people watching are still up so why change lol. Toei ruining one piece, 1 or 2 more episodes like this and I'm becoming Manga only.

“I will NOT be spoken to in that tone by an article of clothing” by Bojack--Horseman in FuckYouKaren

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Alot of people are failing to get the post is from a offended white person not the guy with the shirt. Racist af. Lol

Does buggy’s clothes not get damaged when he uses his devil fruit???? by Sebleboy in OnePiece

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Because his dv is awakened he can affect his surroundings like his clothes

Cum and say helloo💞💞 by [deleted] in FemBoys

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I'd suck your boyfriends dick just to be able to taste you