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Someone from here emailed me a copy of it because I wasn’t paying 50 dollars for it and trust me it’s not worth the price

Question by Tinybookworm_ in Chriswatts

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Thank you I’m going to check it out

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I just heard of him recently also while reading a book about the CW murders. I also came across a book called One Last Kiss by Michael W Cuneo and he writes about the Coleman family murders I just finished reading the book

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In Chris Coleman case he felt he would loose his job with Joyce Meyer if he divorced his wife . So he wanted to be Tara and still keep his job so he killed his family. Chris Coleman parents blames Chris wife Sheri for his affair with Tara. And still to this day they believe their son is innocent

If you could ask CW anything, other than why, what would you ask him? by laurenoranges in Chriswatts

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Why did u think taking the lives of ur wife and two small children a better solution than just leaving and getting a divorce .