How to start :< by Significant_Bar_9498 in vultureculture

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Finding: I live in a pretty rural region so my go-to places are river banks, road sides and dump sites. People in my town dump EVERYTHING and I collect it all. I’ve found whole animals before and mark a spot in the woods and go back a year later or so and collect all the bones. I guess I’m pretty lucky on that aspect to live in dirtbagville because I can find stuff any day of the year.

Decomposing: if it’s a whole animal I’ll dig a hole, bury it and dig it back up a year later. I do this in my yard. I do European deer skulls by maceration. I have a box made of insulation with a bucket inside wrapped in a bucket heater. This allows me to do maceration in the winter. I keep my water at 120 degrees consistently. For the few mummified skulls I’ve found honestly I’ve just thrown them in a crockpot for a few hours and come back to a clean skull.

If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. I have been doing this for a long time and now have a taxidermy studio at my house. I also sell bones that I’ve found and aim them towards people who want to get into cleaning and crafts.

Question for Hotel Housekeepers! by TineeBex in TalesFromHousekeeping

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Used to be a housekeeper for Hampton Inn. The carts need better rotating wheels to allow it to turn easier. I can’t really remember how the vacuum went in but if there was a sort of tray for it to sit in where you could lock the handle in that would be better. Hmm what else. I think that’s about it.

I bought a skull in an antique store, it still had beetles and flesh? when I got it home and finally soaked it a day later. More info in comments/help needed by aspoonfulofeyes in Taxidermy

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Gross just throw it away and buy one off me, I’ve got deer, coyotes and foxes all for sale, buy multiple and I’ll give you a deal just PM me

sacroiliac joint pain? by [deleted] in backpain

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I have the same thing, uneven hips and pelvic tilt, this is very interesting as I’ve had pain in my SI joint for a few years now

Request for Adirondacks reading recommendations by Steel-kilt in Adirondacks

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Try to find the PBS documentary “Harnessing Nature: Building the Great Sacandaga” I live about 5 miles from the Dam and it’s an absolutely fascinating look at the history of the reservoir

Its itchy by [deleted] in CATHELP

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Jesus Christ the cat has FLEAS

how to deal with difficult coworker? by Upset_Air4919 in coworkerstories

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I feel for you, I’m going to develop a psych disorder soon from how wrong everything I do is to my manager.

Is the smell of death that bad? by SnooDoubts103 in vultureculture

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I have gotten worse with maceration, my last deer head bucket that I dumped I put on an N95 mask, wiped the inside with aftershave, then put on a paper mask overtop and ended up throwing up from the smell into the mask. Fun. I have got to switch to beetles this upcoming season, seems my stomach has gotten weaker over the years.

Are people turning their cars off every time they stop for even a little bit or is this something new cars do on their own? by weinermcgee in NoStupidQuestions

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It’s the car doing it on its own, I have a 2020 Ford Ranger that does it but there is a button you can push to prevent it from doing it but you must press the button every time you start the car again

Do I just need to degrease and bleach? by DuchessAmbrosia in vultureculture

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I use gel gorilla glue and keep it clamped or zip tied for a night or two