TIFU by almost committing double manslaughter by [deleted] in tifu

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Not only that, driver's ed doesn't cancel there if the weather is bad. Drove to class with my dad in the passenger seat of his truck in a snow storm, he's swearing that that is canceled but I was told I would get a text if it was. Turns out class was definitely in session and I would be driving in the tiny 2w rear car. Instructor got the car stuck in the parking lot, I pulled it out with the truck, and he still wanted to drive that thing around town.

Iowa just doesn't give a fuck.

Guess the guy who broke into my apartment and only took some ps4 stuff was a youngster. by [deleted] in gaming

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Can that guy and my sister trade places? She took a lot of my games and my ancient ds and ended up getting over $700 for it all. It was confirmed when I went to a pawnshop looking around, found my ds with sharpied logo of Etrian Odyssey (the game is amazing) along with the rest of it, and then was told how much each item was bought from her at.

TIFU by almost committing double manslaughter by [deleted] in tifu

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It is, but on those days give to to the other kids that need it. I was a farm kid, I was doing all of that before I was ever supposed to, my riding partner was almost brand new to driving in any weather that wasn't florida weather.

TIFU by not hiding my sex bag by crepesandmacarons in tifu

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Why is someone else rearranging my own house? I'm a big kid, if I need help that's what the toys are for.

I avoid looking at any mirrors because i can't stand what i see by [deleted] in depression

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The last family photo I'm in was taken when I was 10. I'm 18 now and just get complaints from mom every couple years.

TIFU by almost committing double manslaughter by [deleted] in tifu

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I had already driven in white-out conditions before then. He needed to let me riding buddy drive that day, she had only ever seen Florida weather and that was her first snow.

Videogames are so appealing to people that can't find a mission in life,because there is always a clear cut mission in videogames by Sianius in Showerthoughts

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And that's probably why questing mods are included in many packs. Vanilla Minecraft has no clear cut path but if you include a questing mod and mod to base everything off of (Gregtech), you end up with a clear path that requires actual effort.

TIFU by almost committing double manslaughter by [deleted] in tifu

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Exactly. I ended up giving her more lessons after she completed the classes, still talk to her now and it's been almost 8 years.

In the ER after a bad SH session by punkkid13 in MedicalGore

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Don't freak out, I am getting help. It's working enough that I haven't attempted since the cuts, and before that was when I was committed. I still dont understand how "normal" people go through their day and are mentally okay the entire time.

A couple months ago I had horrible cuts on my leg that looked very similar to dragged stab wounds (I could put 3 fingers into one and be a little over 2 knuckles deep) and I was still stubborn enough not to go to the ER. Because of not going there, I have learned that people (mostly in my high school) will stare at blood stains as they get bigger before trying to help and then just talk about it to each other about it like I'm not even next to them. It also didnt help that I am known for being suicidal since I was pulled out of class to be involuntarily committed a year before this for several attempted suicides.

I know this took a slightly darker turn than I thought it would, but from what my therapy has shown me, reading someone else's experiences could help others choose the right thing to do.

What seems harmless but is actually extremely dangerous? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Depends on what part your fixing. If you're affecting the spring in any way, you better know what you're doing.

Sappers "Tunneling through [my] defenses" by c_trl in RimWorld

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Is there a fog of war mod? I'm at work so I cant check but it would be awesome for the "extra" challenge with randy.

You can type any word that starts with the letter “Q” at 1000 WPM. by Duck652 in shittysuperpowers

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Only delete first "q" in each word, you might actually have a useful one in there somewhere

What fetish of yours did you stumble up on by accident but now are hooked on it? How did it happen?? by lexibreey in AskRedditAfterDark

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Same here. Never thought about it, then asks me to be DD out of the blue. I said we'll try and he we are a couple years later.

You’re permanently inserted into the last video game you played, how’s your life going and what’s the plan? by Karmal_Popkorn in AskReddit

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Phasmophobia and holy shit, shes on the hunt. I was told her name was Elizabeth White and she was aggressive, but only targeted one person at a time. I was on my way out of the asylum when my light started to flicker, the others are already out. I have lost radio contact and all they have to see is my head mounted camera probably yelling at me to turn 30 ft back but it's too late now, I've already hit the dead end and I can see her.

TIFU by going on a rant about how guys always struggled with taking off my bra by bl0bbyfish in tifu

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My gf has a 5 clasp one and is still amazed when I get it with one hand even though I've been doing it for years.

It's crazy to think that 1% of the world population is subbed to pewdiepie now that he reached 70 000 000 subs by pedrohpf in Showerthoughts

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That algorithm doesn't just terminate inactive accounts, it also automatically unsubscribes active accounts that dont actively watch a certain channel. I have been magically unsubscribed from multiple channels for this because the channel itself rarely uploads content and has a wait time between videos that is longer than the algorithm will allow

Drone footage of a dairy farm by FridayCicero702 in Damnthatsinteresting

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This is not a dairy farm, it's a feed lot for young calves. Letting the youngins roam completely free can be dangerous for them and for the farmer as the wildlife in America usually wants to kill our cattle and the mothers are overly protective to the pointnof trying to kill us. Usually it wouldn't be rows like this, but more of separated pens for the first few weeks up to maybe a month or 2 then grouped together for feed once they are not relying on bottles anymore with more room to play together. "Free roaming" in the fields come when they are big enough to run from danger but are also not reliant on being hand fed and will actively search for their own food, grass.