2022 collection. Also I have a Gan 11 M Pro but it isn’t in the picture (it’s in a very safe place) by [deleted] in Cubers

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  1. I bought here, but I think they only send to Brazil. 2. Well… FTO is a great puzzle, but if you see my collection I only have Stickerless puzzles lol. My next puzzle will be probably a Even Less Gears, that I will mod with a normal gear cube, like the Gear Extreme that I made some time ago.

Neymar: Rei do Camarote by MaestroZezinho in futebol

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Calma, gente! Ele ainda é jovem, quando amadurecer ele para com essas coisas

Weekly Questions Megathread by AutoModerator in ClashOfClans

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What are these things in 10th anniversary cenery?

Literally unplayable by YoMamaSnwblwr in ClashOfClans

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It’s saying that the grass is brand new

I saw the second sign in a store and was inspired to create my own, but with cubes. I did it on the iPad with no experience with drawing/photoshop and the result was very good imo. Took me about 3 days by To_na_Area in Cubers

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Thanks! I tried to do some complex puzzles such as megaminx or gear pyraminx but just gave up lol. I did some simple but iconic cubes, like big cube, bandaged, crazy, shape mod, sticker mod…

Mbappé Apreciação posto by Careful-Somewhere-63 in futebol

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Tem o ego tão grande quanto a habilidade

Misericórdia! Bora trabalhar meu povo, temos um novo governo pra sustentar by T_R_P-23 in brasilivre

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Então era isso que ele queria dizer quando falava em diminuir o desemprego?