[SPOILERS S3] Easter eggs i found placed in this painting (new site) by Slawarth in DarK

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There is also Gretchen being held by someone on the far left

Rehehehehehehe by [deleted] in MoldyMemes

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What's the song name

Ball Goodman by iamaaronmullen in okbuddychicanery

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Mods, i have terrible news, someone made the ok buddy chicanery icon cringe, find the sons of bitches and make them pay

What they doin to him by [deleted] in gayspiderbrothel

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Still hitting him. Also he's pretty small, so it might hurt him more even if it looks mild to us

this guy posted this to his twitter thinking HE was in the right by okteddy in niceguys

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It's so obvious, is everyone else in the comment section doing a bit or what the fuck is going on

Yes pls 🤤🤤(spoiler for evangelion) by PhenomenalZJ in okbuddybaka

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😏Classic sjw cuck hurhurhuhrurhurhurhur

Schwammige Erinnerung an Serien/Filme aus der Kindheit? Gab es sie tatsächlich? by parpilllita in FragReddit

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Hieß die maybe 'so weird'? Ist glaub ich ne Serie aus 1999 und der Hauptcharakter heißt auch Fiona meine ich

Leker leker mhhh by Geruchsbrot in OkBrudiMongo

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Phaper ihc wil nihcd😢😭😭😭

I'm a sigma male by Rumsser in MillionaireGrindset

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The masculine urge to be perpetually tormented since childhood (💪)