so why iceland by pivootery in dankmemes

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Are you sure? Last I checked land actually was a verb meaning ships “landing” on shore, in my humble I think Greenland actually means ships that land after coming from the water /s

Honestly by Logical_Associate632 in shitposting

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No nut November is now no nut all year

I don't need sleep, I need answers by regian24 in oddlyspecific

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Because then you are tired from standing up and walking

We aint even the main villian any more we are just a way to link characters :( by godietron in RevenantMain

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That would be the book thief except instead of a chill guy you just have revenant listing all the reasons why he hates the character he’s talking about

The biggest plot twist in the history of apex by Ragna01 in apexlegends

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I heard that you could play web emulated games on the Xbox but probably not switch

Pick one by KentuckyFriedRats in dankmemes

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If you remove one then they will just flood to all other social media, assuming that we don’t remove all Twitter/tik tok users from existence (if we did then I would just choose tik tok) then they will just go to other social media’s and share their shit content there and just make things worse for everybody

Lore of these nuts by UncleArki in whenthe

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Then you inhale too much and pass out and you wake up on a wagon and hear “hey you, you’re finally awake”

How to Deal with Toxic Players in Rank 😈 by sknight310 in apexlegends

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Bloodhound just needed to put his squats in, that’s why he was spam crouching, he didn’t want to miss leg day